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Jimmer Tracker

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Jimmer Tracker



PPG            RPG             APG           MADE THREES
7.6 1.2 1.8 78

Updated: 4/26



4/6: Devey – – Fredette Shows Glimpses of Old Self: Read
4/4: Jimmer Fredette NBA Road Trip to Utah ↓↓↓

3/25: Cowbell Kingdom – Jimmer Update: Patience Please: Read
3/23: Amick – – Kings Take Long Look with Jimmer: Read
3/19: Spears – Yahoo – Jimmer Reminisces About March Madness: Read
3/13: Simmons – – Fans want to see more of Kings’ Fredette: Read
3/8: – Morning After: Smart just wants to coach Jimmer: Read
3/6: – Good Things to come for Jimmer Fredette: Read
3/6: Jimmer Takes A Timeout with Students ↓↓↓

3/1: The Jimmer Show ↓↓↓


2/29: – Smart just wants Jimmer to Shoot: Read
2/21: Washington Post: Fredette trying to be patient with the NBA process in his rookie season: Read
2/21: AP – Fredette’s rookie year comes with a learning curve: Read
2/17: NYTimes – Jimmer faces Knicks, Lin as family looks on: Read
2/16: Kramers – Jimmer Reflects on NY Return: Read
2/15: SacBee – Jimmer Ready to Return to New York: Read
2/7: SBNation – Fredette leads Kings comeback, but Wolves Prevail: Read
2/6: Voison – SacBee – Fredette’s Education Continues as Kings Rookie: Read
2/3: Luhm – – Kings, Jimmer Face a Difficult Journey: Read


1/30: Devey – Fredette’s Return to Utah Full of Ups and Downs: Read
1/29: Salt Lake City Loves Jimmer ↓↓↓

1/26: Anderson – Jimmer Finds A Groove: Read
1/25: USA Today – Kings’s Fredette adjusting from ‘big fish’ to role player: Read
1/23: Devey – – Fredette Scores Career-high in Kings Loss: Read
1/21: Jimmer Shimmer ↓↓↓

1/17: Weber – – Jimmer Fredette Faces Long Uphill Climb in NBA: Read
1/14: Ham – – What’s Ailing Jimmer?: Read
1/11: Devey – – Fredette Gets First Start: Read
1/11: Jones – SacBee – The Morning After: Jimmer Trying to Find His Way: Read
1/10: Jimmer Range from Three! ↓↓↓

1/6: Devey – – Fredette Key to Kings Comeback: Read
1/4: – Jimmer Scores NBA Career-High 17 points: Read
1/2: Devey – – Jimmer proving he can be an adequate distributer: Read
1/1: – Our Top Local Sports Story of 2011 is (what else?) Jimmer: Read


12/31: Newsday – Jimmer Not Only A Pro, He’s A Fan: Read
12/31: Pregame Interview with Jimmer Fredette: Watch
12/30:  Jones – SacBee – Fredette Used to Tall-Guy Tactic: Read
12/30: Ham – Cowbell Kingdom – It’s Jimmer-Time: Read
12/29: Kawahara – SacBee – Fredette Encouraged to be More Aggressive: Read
12/28: Caption This: What do you think Jimmer is saying to Asst. Coach Keith Smart: View
12/28: International Business Times – Jimmer Fredette Report Card: Read
12/27: Voison – SacBee – Jimmer Sheds Initial Shakes, then becomes, well, Jimmer: Read
12/27: Iorizzo – – He’ll Always Be Jimmer: Read
12/26: Jimmer on playing in front of Kings fans for the first time:

“I’ve heard they’re the greatest fans in the NBA, and they showed it tonight. It was really loud in there. They really supported us – packed house, first game. It was really, really exciting to be able to go out there and play and play for the fans and win.”

12/26: Jones – SacBee – More on Jimmer Fredette’s Debut: Read
12/26: Jimmer’s First NBA Bucket ↓↓↓

12/26: Howard-Cooper – NBA – Jimmer, Rookies Ready for the Show: Read
12/24: Jimmer Fredette: Kings Training Camp Day 9: Watch
12/22: Rick Reilly – ESPN – I was Wrong About Jimmer Fredette: Read
12/22: Monson – SLTrib – Now in the NBA, Jimmer is a ‘Cool Dude': Read
12/21: Behind the Scenes: Jimmer Fredette: Photo Gallery 
12/21: Jimmer Fredette: Kings Training Camp Day 7: Watch
12/20: Postgame Reaction from Jimmer Fredette: Watch
12/20: Highlight: Jimmer Fredette 1st Points at Power Balance Pavilion ↓↓↓

12/19: Amick – SI – Jimmer-mania takes a backseat as Fredette focuses on game: Read
12/18: Jimmer Strong in Debut but Kings Slip: Box Score
12/17: Jimmer Fredette Answers Fan Questions on Media Day: Watch
12/16: Return of the Kings Rookies: Highlights | Analysis | Photo Gallery
12/15: Behind-the-Scenes at Kings Media Day: Photo Gallery
12/15: Jimmer, Kings Ready to Put on Show: Read | Photo Gallery | Watch
12/12: Do you think Jimmer Fredette made this long-range shot? View
12/12: Kings Training Camp Day 3: Watch
12/11: Jimmer Fredette and Adrian Oliver performing some rookie duties: View
12/10: Kings Tip-Off Training Camp: Watch
12/9: Fredette, Honeycutt & Thomas Signed: Press Release | Photo Gallery | Wallpapers

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