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West All-Stars Assess the Kings

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West All-Stars Assess the Kings

Throughout All-Star Weekend, caught up with NBA All-Stars and basketball analysts to get their impressions of Sacramento’s team. Now, find out why so many stars shared rave reviews.

Find out below what Western Conference All-Stars had to say about the Kings. Then, click here to read more from the Eastern Conference squad.

L.A. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

On Sacramento’s talent:

“They have a world of talent. DeMarcus (Cousins) is extremely versatile, and I think Sacramento has a lot of good pieces. They have two key pieces in (Tyreke) Evans and DeMarcus who they can really build around. (They) just have to be patient with them, make sure they develop, but I like the talent. (Isaiah) Thomas had a great game against us. They have good young pieces – they just have to develop them.”

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant

On Sacramento’s talent:

“ Tyreke, of course, is a phenomenal player and DeMarcus is really playing All-Star basketball to be honest.

“They have a really good core of guys, and if they stay together, they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.”

On the recent play of Thomas:

“I really like Isaiah. I’ve known Isaiah since high school. He’s come in and stepped up in the starting role. He’s playing very, very well.”

On the Kings victory over the Thunder on Feb. 9:

“I don’t even want to talk about that game. They kind of took it to us. “

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki

On Sacramento’s talent:

“I like the squad. I’ve always liked DeMarcus a lot. He’s got a unique skill level – he can shoot, he can post – he can do a lot of things. I like Tyreke – he’s athletic and finishes in the paint with the best of them. They’ve just got to keep on working.”

On his impression of Cousins:

“I think his skill level is just great. He’s a big guy. He can move, he can step outside and shoot, he can put the ball on the floor some, he can post – so he’s got a great all-around game, and he’s fun to watch.”

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook

On Sacramento’s talent:

“They have tremendous talent – a lot of young guys who come out every night and compete. Their fans (on Feb. 9) were crazy – it felt like a Playoff game.”

On his impression of Evans:

“He’s a great talent – he can do it all. He can lead that team to get better and better each and every year.”

Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash

On the young talent in Sacramento:

“The Kings have a lot of talent. They have talent in different places – they have point guards and shooting guards and big guys. They have a lot of depth and talent, and I think we’ve seen on different occasions this year, they’ve put it all together. I think they just need time to develop and play together and find that chemistry and cohesion, and then they’ll transcend into a better echelon as far as their place in the League.”

On his impression of Evans:

“I think he’s doing a great job. He just needs experience, needs to keep playing and keep figuring out (how to be) the most successful and efficient. We’ve seen he’s one of the most talented guys out there on (any night), and I think he’s doing a great job and he will continue to improve.”

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love

On Sacramento’s talent:

“They have an influx of guys who bring a lot to the table – a lot of talent between DeMarcus, (Jason) Thompson and (J.J.) Hickson up front. Then, obviously, Evans and a few other guys, (including) (Jimmer) Fredette. All the way through their lineup, they bring toughness, and I think in the next few years, you’re going to see them do pretty well.”

Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge

On Sacramento’s talent:

“They’re a good, young team. It takes time to learn how to win and it takes time to get over that hump – I went through that process my first two years. I feel like they have a lot of talent they can build (around).”

On his impression of Cousins:

“He’s good, definitely. He’s a load down low. He’s good offensively. He’s solid, and I think he’s a great big man…

“If he keeps working, he can definitely dominate this game.”

Free Throws:

Five-time NBA champion and current NBA on TNT analyst Steve Kerr

On his impression of Cousins:

“He’s immensely talented. You don’t often find a guy that big and strong who’s as skilled as he is. Like a lot of young guys in the League, he just has to gain from experience.”

On the development of Evans:

“Tyreke is really gifted. It’s very rare that you can find a guy with that size, with that kind of ball-handling ability, the ability to get to the rim off the dribble and breaking people down – he’s really impressive.”

On the recent play of Thomas:

“Isaiah is playing great. For a guy who was a Second-Round pick, the way he’s performing right now, is really impressive. He’s fast. He can shoot the ball. He’s confident.”

On his impression of Fredette:

“I really liked Jimmer in college and coming out of the Draft – I think he’s going to be a good pro.”

NBA TV analyst David Aldridge

On his impression of Fredette:

“He seems like a really smart kid and a really hard-working kid, and those are things that will keep you in the League for a long time.

“There aren’t too many guys who can shoot like that. This is a shot-making league, and you need people who can put the ball in the basket – he can do that.”

Former NBA All-Star Kenny Anderson

On his impression of Evans:

“He’s a great point guard. He’s uprising – he’s right up there with Derrick Rose, Deron Williams and (Rajon) Rondo.”

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