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A Style Fit for Kings

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A Style Fit for Kings

Get the inside scoop on John Salmons’ passion for fashion, including a unique look at the origins of his recently-debuted label, Salmons & Brown.

In his 10-year NBA career, Kings forward-guard John Salmons has been known for his on-court versatility – a trait also fitting to describe Salmons’ wardrobe.

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion,” says No. 5.

Now, in partnership with his longtime tailor, Sherman Brown, the University of Miami alum is introducing his own line of clothing, Salmons & Brown, which recently debuted at Fashion Week in New York and is expected to launch in the fall.

“When I was traded to Chicago I met a guy who was a tailor in Chicago, and he made me some clothes for free just to try to get my business,” Salmons said. “We became friends first. Then, we decided to come up with this clothing line.”

Brown, who has also tailored clothes for Kings guard Marcus Thornton, could tell right off the bat that Salmons’ curiosity for fashion wasn’t just a passing interest.

“Whenever I see a new client I always look at their biography and try to Google them a little bit. One thing I noticed in (John’s) biography was he said, ‘If I could do anything else outside of basketball, it would be fashion,’ and I kind of took that to note,” Brown recalled. “When I met John for the first time, he was a lot different than most players. He has a great eye.”

The Chicago-born tailor says Salmons, who is the company’s co-founder and creative director, has taken a hands-on approach with the line, which features both men’s and women’s collections.

“Even when we have photo shoots and do things for the brand, I’ll look with him,” Brown said. “But overall, John does most of his styling – it’s my tailoring skills along with his distinctive eye for fashion and high quality.”

The Kings swingman – who traveled to Paris and Tokyo during the offseason to put on shows and gather materials for the pair’s line – says he picks out his own clothes as opposed to hiring someone to select his ensembles. Unlike many of his well-dressed NBA contemporaries, Salmons has his own sartorial sense.

“A lot of guys hire stylists,” he says. “If you hire a stylist, I don’t really consider you a fashion guy.”

Salmons’ partner agrees that the 6-foot-6 forward-guard is one of the elite dressers in the League.

“I’m not just saying it because John is my partner, but John is my partner for a reason,” Brown says. “It wasn’t by coincidence or happenstance – John is a very stylish guy.”

Kings Assistant Coach Bobby Jackson, who Salmons views as his best-dressed teammate, says No. 5 has set himself apart from the rest of the League when it comes to style.

“He has his Euro-style going,” Jackson states. “A lot of guys can’t wear that – I like the look because it’s a nice slimming look, and the clothes are perfectly tailored for you – but it fits him well.”

Kings forward Francisco Garcia, who, too, receives praise for his sense of style from his teammates, sees the team benefitting from Salmons’ fashion-forward presentation.

“He’s one of the top dressers in the League,” says Garcia. “He represents the organization and Sacramento very well.”

The 6-foot-6 Philadelphia native, who finds inspiration from designer Ralph Lauren, says Salmons & Brown is more than a fun project, and hopes to keep the line in-season even after he hangs up hoops – and Jackson sees reason to believe in Salmons’ next move.

“A lot of guys around the League, a lot of young guys, don’t know a lot about (style),” the assistant coach said. “He has his own style, his own unique taste, and that’s what special about his clothing line.”

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