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Lillard Pre-Draft Workout Wrap

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Lillard Pre-Draft Workout Wrap

The Kings on Wednesday held their first individual pre-Draft workout of the summer at the team’s practice facility, featuring Weber State guard Damian Lillard.

The Sacramento Kings hosted Weber State guard Damian Lillard on Wednesday at the team’s practice facility in what was the team’s first individual pre-Draft workout of the offseason.

The two-time Big Sky Conference Player of the Year finished second in the nation in scoring (24.5 ppg) while shooting 46 percent from three-point land.

Following the workout, caught up with Lillard to get insight into Wednesday’s session.

Damian Lillard

How did the workout go?

“It went well. I wanted to show that I can make shots and that I’m in good shape and get through a hard workout – I thought I did that.”

What did you want to showcase in the workout today?

“(I wanted to demonstrate) my ability to make shots. I worked out by myself, obviously, so I just wanted to show I’m in good shape, and when I get a little tired, I can still go hard and (I’m) able to knock down shots.”

“(I was in Toronto yesterday so) it was a long flight, but it’s all a process right now. This is what we work for. Whatever I have to do – if I have to leave here today and go somewhere else – I’ll be ready to do it because I know it would be worth it.”

Where are you headed next?

“I’m going to Portland tomorrow, and then after that, I’ll be back (in Northern California) working out for Golden State.”

Are there any current or former NBA players to whom you would compare your game?

“I think I’m kind of like George Hill because he scores the ball (and) he makes the right plays. He’s athletic, similar size, and I think we’re kind of similar in that way.”

Coming out of a smaller school, do you feel you have more to prove?

“Yes, I think other guys have been playing against each other the entire year – Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida, those schools – a lot of people probably want to see if I can play the way I play at a mid-major school against high-major talent. I played in Chicago at the combine against those guys, and I did really well, so I think people are slowly starting to see that I belong here.”

Are you only participating in individual workouts?

“Yes, that’s all I’m doing right now – a lot of the teams I’m just working out by myself. I think it gives them the chance to focus on me and what I can do. As far as proving myself, I thought in Chicago I went up against guys just so everybody could stop asking that question.”

If you were selected by the Kings, how special would it be to play so close to where you grew up in Oakland?

“It would be good. Obviously, if I go to the East Coast or end up somewhere far away, my family wouldn’t be able to see me play a lot, which would be fine because a lot of guys don’t get their family to come see them a lot. Being here, they would be able to come. It would kind of be a perfect situation to be right here with my family and kind of working my way into the NBA.”

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