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Introducing Jimmer’s Blog

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Introducing Jimmer’s Blog

No. 7 dishes on team and personal goals for 2012-13, getting familiar with The River City and his friendship with actor-musician Justin Timberlake, exclusively on his blog.

Hey, Kings fans! I hope you’re all doing well.

I wanted to start a blog to keep you informed of what the team and I are going through on a day-to-day basis. Throughout the season, I’ll make sure you stay informed of what’s going on behind-the-scenes – whether we’re going through good times or tough times.

Team Outlook

Beginning with the time we spent at training camp in Colorado Springs, we’ve come together very well. The team-bonding experiences – including having two-a-days and going to a rope course where we had to put trust in one another – were very important for us to grow closer.

I think it’s evident that both the team and I have made some great strides during the preseason, and following a great first month, I’m extremely excited to get the regular season started. Our main goal since the beginning of training camp has been to get the seventh or eighth spot in the Playoffs, and we’re working hard to achieve it.

We have three tough road games in a row, and we’re hoping to get the season started on a positive note – maybe we’ll catch some people off guard. Then, we’re excited to come back home to our amazing fans who come out and support us no matter what.

Personal Goals

Personally, I’m trying to continue to work hard and earn a bigger role on this team. I feel I’ve progressed and gotten much better this year, and have shown everyone that I can be an aggressive scoring guard in this league. I think I’ve been playing really well in practices and in our preseason games, and I’m excited to get the opportunity to go out there and show how far I’ve come along during regular season action.


In the NBA, there are inevitably going to be lots of ups and downs. As an NBA player, you have to continue to stay even-keeled no matter what – you can’t stay too high or too low. You have to stay confident, and when you get an opportunity to show you’re a great player, you have to go out there and make the best of it and help your team as much as you can.


I’m extremely excited to have my wife living with me in Sacramento. She’s my support system out here, and I appreciate all she does to keep me grounded off the court. She’s always there to talk me through tough times and make sure everything’s going well.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to get away from basketball and try to lead a normal life. After getting an initial feel for the city last year, I’m enjoying getting used to Sacramento and getting to know the great people here.

My wife and I like going out to restaurants and have picked out a few favorites downtown. When we’re not out dining, we’ll either go for walks around town or see what’s playing at the local theater. We love movies and watching some cool shows on TV, including “Revenge” and “Nashville.”

The Other J.T.

A lot of fans have asked me about my friendship with Justin Timberlake after I posted a photo of the two of us as little kids on Twitter.

I was only eight years old at the time, and my sister was competing in a Miss Teen USA Pageant down in Louisiana. He was there performing with his group, ‘N Sync, but they were just starting to gain popularity and not many people knew who they were yet.

I took a picture with him because I thought they were good, and all of a sudden, they blew up and became major stars!

What’s funny is Justin and I didn’t meet again until the ESPYs in 2011, and I don’t think he even knew he took a picture with me when I was younger. I was able to reconnect with him backstage and it was a lot of fun. He’s a really good person, a great entertainer and a funny guy, so hopefully our friendship can grow.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my first blog. I’ll be back next month with another update, and I hope you enjoy hearing from me all year long. I couldn’t be more excited to get the season started and rack up some great victories.

Go Kings!

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