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Kings Recall Hoops Halloween Memories

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Kings Recall Hoops Halloween Memories

With Sacramento’s regular season opener tipping off on Oct. 31, Kings guards reminisce about favorite holiday costumes. Plus, which player is set for a MONSTER night in Chicago?

While Sacramento’s point guards are renowned for dishing out assists on the court, the talented floor generals have scored countless treats on past Halloween evenings.

“I remember just getting as much candy as I possibly could, and my mom yelling, ‘Come in the house!’ because I was just trying to knock on everybody’s door – even neighbors’ doors two or threes times to get more,” says Isaiah Thomas. “I’d put the candy in my bag, get home, throw it all out on the ground and just eat it all night.”

No. 22, whose favorite sweets include Snickers and Twix, discloses he rarely sported an intricate costume when trick-or-treating.

“I’d put a jersey on of one of my favorite basketball players and say, ‘I’m a basketball player,’” he recalls. “I didn’t really ever dress up too much.”

Like his backcourt teammate, Jimmer Fredette’s go-to childhood Halloween getup was an NBA uniform, including jerseys of stars from his hometown N.Y. Knicks and Hall of Famer John Stockton of the Utah Jazz.

“When I was younger, I used to go as a basketball player every year,” recalls No. 7. “I’d just put on a jersey – usually it was cold, so I’d put a long-sleeve shirt underneath it – some long shorts, and go out and just run from house to house.

“I used to go around and get all the candy I possibly could in pillowcases and walk around with my friends and family around the city – it was a whole night event.”

Rather than don basketball gear, Aaron Brooks typically trick-or-treated as a football player in middle school due to conflicting schedules.

“It seemed like we always had football practice and I didn’t have time to get changed before the lights went out and people stopped giving out candy,” says No. 3. “So, when practice let out at 7 p.m., we only had about an hour to trick-or-treat. I’d just go as a football player with my helmet as my bag.”

The Oregon product – who hosted his first Halloween party last year and showed up as Roscoe from ‘Martin’ – remembers his stash of treats mysteriously disappearing before he’d get a chance to consume it.

“I don’t think I ever ate all of my candy from Halloween – it somehow just ended up missing,” he says with a smile. “My mom probably threw it away.”

Tyreke Evans – a longtime gummy bears enthusiast – doesn’t plan on dressing up this year, despite his teammates noticing an uncanny resemblance between No. 13 and NFL standout quarterback Robert Griffin III.

“People tell me to be ‘RGIII,’” says Evans with a chuckle, referring to the Washington Redskins rookie. “I don’t know, though.”

Had the Kings remained in Northern California over the holiday, Fredette, who recently carved pumpkins with his wife, reveals the pair would’ve stayed home to hand out candy to neighboring kids.

Thomas, however, divulges he likely would’ve hopped on his bicycle and gone door-to-door like yesteryear.

“I’m still only a little taller than the rest of the kids, so I can get away with it,” jokes the Tacoma, Wash. native. “I’d put my jersey on and they’d think I’m a little kid!”

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Which Kings player do you think will turn in a MONSTER performance tonight in Sacramento’s season opener at Chicago?

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