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JT’s Blog: Hard Work Never Stops

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JT’s Blog: Hard Work Never Stops

Exclusively on his blog, Jason Thompson dishes on how the team remains focused on improving and how he’s served as a mentor to T-Rob. Plus, No. 34 makes his News10 debut as a sports anchor.

What’s up, everybody?

I’m happy to be back at it for my second blog of the year.

Since the last time I checked in, we finished preseason on a positive note. We played – and beat – the Lakers three times, and I had the chance to see a few places I’d never been to before, including San Diego. It was an all-out great experience, and I wish our training camp invitees the best of luck to in their careers.

In-Season Assessment

We began the regular season with a tough road trip. We started off in Chicago and had plenty of chances to win the game – we ended up losing by six, and it was a one- or two-possession game for most of the night. The game in Minnesota was tough, as well – we didn’t make plays in the end and it cost us. The next night in Indiana, we went into double-overtime, so that was a hard-fought game we couldn’t pull out, unfortunately.

Then, we came back to Sacramento, and our home opener was great. I really enjoyed the player introductions with all the fog and fire, and of course, playing in front of a packed house of Kings fans. It was a great first ‘W,’ and we went on to win two in a row.

Now, we’re in a little skid – we’ve had guys out because of injuries, personal reasons and suspensions, but that’s the adversity you go through during a long season. When things aren’t going as well as we’d like, it’s important to pick each other up and focus on how we can get back on the right track.

Sometimes, when you have bad games, people may think you’re out there just going through the motions, but they don’t know how much hard work you’re putting in behind the scenes. We’re constantly watching film, working on our game more than ever and doing lots of other things to improve. Everyone is staying positive and knows we’ll bounce back.

Rookie to Vet

It seems like only yesterday I was a rookie on a veteran team. During my first NBA season, I had older guys like Brad Miller, Kevin Martin, Mikki Moore, Kenny Thomas, and of course, Francisco Garcia showing me the ropes. I did a lot of rookie duties and had to follow certain rules, but while I didn’t appreciate their help as much then, the vets took me under their wing and I learned a lot about the game.

I’m still trying to grow as a player, and with every rep and game I think I’m also going to get stronger and better as a leader and communicator. But now that I’m in my fifth season, I’m also trying to give our rookie, Thomas Robinson, as much advice as possible. I’ve talked to him about slowing his game down a little bit and about the importance of rest – especially on the road. Mainly, you have to make sure you eat healthy and eliminate some bad habits we all had in college. For instance, you can’t have chips and snacks like you did when you were in your dorm room, and you have to eat grilled foods, not fried.

News10 Debut

I have a college degree in communication, and I’ve always had an interest in doing future work in TV and radio. I’ve appeared on “Good Day Sacramento,” and later down the road, I’m hoping to also co-host KCRA 3 News. Tonight, I’m anchoring News10, which is definitely going to be a lot of fun. I’m the next Ron Burgundy, so look out for me tonight at 6 p.m.

Thanksgiving and Off-Court Plans

I’m excited to have my family come here for Thanksgiving – I’ll have my mother, father, aunt, uncle and grandparents all in town together for the first time. Everyone says each time my family members come to town, I play really well. This time, they’re going to be here for 2.5 weeks, so hopefully that streak continues!

Yesterday marked the first day of construction on my pool and outside basketball court at my new house. Everything is supposed to be finished sometime in January, so definitely look out for pictures on Instagram and Twitter – @JTtheKid.

Foundation Events

I take a lot of pride in giving back to the community. I just did an event today at Carl Sundahl Elementary out in Folsom for the American Heart Association, so if you can donate or help out, please visit:

I’m also planning on doing a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy with my teammates John Salmons and Francisco Garcia.

With the holiday season approaching, I have several other plans in store, including a Turkey Drive. Also, during the holidays, as part of Kings in the Community events, I go to Shriners Hospital for Children, spend time with burn victims, give out food for the homeless and attend various different functions – all in hopes to just brighten the day of someone in need.

Final Thoughts

Please make sure to check out my website – – where I have pictures, videos and news, as well as a possible live webcast in the near future.

Thank you for your support, and I hope to see you at our upcoming games.

I’m confident our hard work will pay off, so let’s get these wins and have some fun!

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