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Season Ticket Holder Blog: Family

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Season Ticket Holder Blog: Family

Kings Season Ticket Holders Nancy and Norm Daley disclose the correlation between a familial home atmosphere and a winning season.


That’s what the Kings say as they break their huddle before games.

Head Coach Keith Smart began fostering a sense of family in order to bring players together and encourage the team to think as a unit rather than as a collection of individuals. We immediately began to see the effects of this attitude shift on the court, when during preseason, the Kings lit up opponents.

Once the season began, the team struggled, but in the past week the Kings scorched the Lakers, lost a close game in Utah, beat the Jazz at home and couldn’t pull out a hard-fought game against the T-Wolves. Such is life as a Kings fan!

Still, even when shots haven’t dropped, there is a change in the players’ attitude toward their teammates. We can see they’re tending to trust one another to make the shot rather than deciding to go one-on-one.


We had the opportunity to sit with Sign Lady, Mr. Sign Lady and the rest of the Goon Squad when Utah was in town on Nov. 24. The group of us – united by our shared support for the Kings – sat together, cheered together and celebrated the win together.

That’s what being a Season Ticket Holder is all about. We attend as many of the 44 home games as possible in large part because of the people who’ve become part of our collective family. We – this extended STH family – have celebrated weddings and new babies, as well as supported one another during illnesses and grief.

Do we want to see a win on the court? Absolutely. Not one of us enjoys losing, but above all, these relationships are what keep us coming back year after year.

We stand together, like any other family, against the interlopers. It’s especially rewarding when those intruders show up wearing purple and gold No. 24 jerseys, strutting into Sleep Train Arena like they belong there, and then slink out with five minutes left in the game because this is our house.


The sense of family is at the heart of being a Kings fan. Like all families, we stand together in good times and bad. While we of course love to win, we unconditionally support the team in a loss. After tip-off, we are Sacramento for the next 48 minutes – we are Kings fans and we are family.

It’s long been said Kings fans are the best fans in the NBA. Although every team says that about their fanbase, Sacramento has proven it to be true time and time again on a national stage. We’ve earned the title of “The Best Fans In The NBA,” as even the most negative sportswriter who criticizes the team will praise the diehards.


That No. 6 Kings jersey hangs in the rafters for a reason. Not one player will ever wear it because all of us – Kings fans – embody that ever-important number.

Recent analysis by Kings Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service Phil Horn proved how big of a role fans play in the team’s on-court success. In summary, the odds of a win increase as the number of fans in the arena rises, and Sacramento is much more likely to win with over 16,000 supporters in the stands. The logical takeaway is you can’t wait until the Kings start winning to begin attending games. You have to go to games now because if you do so – and bring a friend or two – you increase the likelihood of a victory. We, the fans, truly can make 2012-13 a winning season!

We want to encourage Season Ticket Holders to introduce themselves and welcome fans sitting around them – we’re on the same team! We need everyone to get loud and be part of the Sixth Man phenomenon. Sellouts win games for a reason – positive energy brings positive results. Phil’s analysis made that clear.

We all want a winning season. We’re all part of the Kings family. We need to do our part and be there!


For more of our Kings thoughts, follow us on Twitter: @NancyDaley and @NormD.

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