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Season Ticket Holder Blog Returns

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Season Ticket Holder Blog Returns

Kings Season Ticket Holders Nancy and Norm Daley offer a unique perspective on the team’s preseason success and fan expectations for the 2012-13 season.

“The team looks great!”

“We have some great pieces!”

“It looks like a great season!”

The above are a few examples of what Kings fans say at the beginning of every new NBA season, as we assure ourselves a trip to the Playoffs is on the horizon. At this time of the year, fans couldn’t be more optimistic about their favorite team!

As we closed the 2011-2012 season and entered the offseason, Kings fans were low on angst and high on hope. We secured a relatively high Draft pick at No. 5, and DeMarcus Cousins was picked for the U.S. Olympic Select Team. Like other fans, we knew DMC would give the Olympic Team the workout and challenge they needed to win gold in London.

Due to our busy schedules, Norm and I don’t have time to pay much attention to college hoops, so we rely on the expertise those who do to guide us when it comes to the NBA Draft. If those who pay attention are happy, so are we. So, when Commissioner David Stern announced Thomas Robinson as our draftee and our friends cheered the pick, we were extremely happy.

When Head Coach Keith Smart said the Kings would hold training camp in Colorado Springs, we were thrilled. What made the beloved Chris Webber, Vlade Divac and Mike Bibby-led teams of the early 2000s a close team is the fact they liked each other. More than just teammates, they were also friends.

This year’s team is closer to having that kind of chemistry – closer than they have been in years.
We were pleased to hear that not only did Isaiah Thomas help organize an offseason practice, but most of his teammates participated.

Preseason has shown the Kings are able to play team ball – they can move the ball around and have trust in their teammates. They may still want to revert to “hero ball” when the score gets tight, but they are learning from the errors of their previous ways. They’ve found success in moving the ball until a teammate gets a clean shot at the basket – we expect that to continue and instances of “hero ball” to diminish. We all go with what works, and they will, as well. They did, after all, beat the Lakers three times in preseason!

As Season Ticket Holders, we rarely miss a home game. We don’t pay much mind to what “People Who Only Look at Box Scores” think about the Kings, either. We know what we see!

With preseason behind us, it appears the usual Kings fan optimism could have some legs this year.

True to form, Robinson looks more like a sophomore player than a rookie.

No. 22 is proving his rookie year wasn’t a fluke. He still can run the team and has that balcony view of the court critical for a point guard. He can hit a three with ease and grabs an amazing number of rebounds for a player who stands only 5-foot-9.

Marcus Thornton is doing his Marcus Thornton thing.

Tyreke Evans is looking as great as ever.

Most importantly, every single player came into training camp not only in shape, but in amazing shape! They are, as a group, lean, fit and ready to run.

We’re excited to see the new and improved version of last year’s team, and we’re excited to be back at Sleep Train Arena, too. We’ve kept in touch with fellow Season Ticket Holders during the offseason through STH events and social media, but there are always those we don’t see until the season begins. We are all excited and feel we have a legitimate chance of reaching the postseason. These are the fans who pay the most attention to the team year-in and year-out, and are there for all the best and worst moments. As a group, we seem to be a bit more realistically optimistic this year.

To paraphrase Grant Napear, “If you don’t like Kings basketball, you aren’t a Season Ticket Holder!”

The single biggest complaint Season Ticket Holders have when it comes to any given game is when fans of “the other team” show up. So help us out – buy a ticket and come out to support the Kings! Set aside anything else going on, and treat yourself to a night of entertaining basketball.

We know the Kings won’t be perfect, and we can’t envision them winning a title just yet. But we expect the team to be better than they’ve been in years, and we’ll leave most games feeling entertained. We can’t wait for it all to get started!

For more of our Kings thoughts, follow us on Twitter: @NancyDaley and @NormD.

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