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Introducing SKD Roxanne’s Blog

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Introducing SKD Roxanne’s Blog

In her blogging debut, Sacramento Kings Dancer Roxanne opens up about her dancing and cheerleading background, performing at her first game and more.

Hey, everyone!

I’m really excited to begin blogging for and the NBA Philippines website. I’ve never been to the Philippines, but I feel like this experience will allow me to get in touch with my heritage even more.

This is my first season as a Sacramento Kings Dancer, and it’s been a blast!

My Background

I’ve been dancing for five or six years now after discovering my passion for it in high school. To be honest, when first I started dancing, I wasn’t that interested in it and only took the class as a physical education elective. Soon, however, I started to love dance more and more as I progressed through the years. My favorite style is definitely hip-hop, because it’s one that allows me to go outside of the box and be spontaneous.

In fact, after my junior year, I joined a hip-hop competitive dance team, which was my first time being on a dance team of any kind. I was studying at Dance Elite at the time, and one of my best friends convinced me to audition. I was surprised to make it because I don’t think I was that good at first, but I learned very quickly.

In addition to dancing, I’ve taken acting and commercial classes, as well as spent several years as a cheerleader. Even though there are similarities, cheerleading is a little different than dance – it’s more oriented toward sharp movements, jumping and lifting teammates in the air.

One of my first professional experiences was being a cheerleader for the UFL’s Sacramento Mountain Lions in 2011. Afterward, I became even more interested in trying out for other teams, and being a Rocklin, Calif. native, decided to audition for the Kings.

Kings Dancers

I was so excited when I made the team, and being a Sacramento Kings Dancer has been amazing. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever been on a team in which I didn’t know anybody coming in, and I’ve already become close friends with all of the dancers.

Before our first game I was so nervous I couldn’t breathe! Everyone kept asking me, ‘Why are you so quiet? What’s wrong?’ but it’s just the way I deal with nervousness. In the end, everything went well, and I loved seeing so many people at the game showing their support!

I’ve been a Kings fan since I moved to the area and have gone to a lot of games. I didn’t grow up as a huge sports fan until my cheerleading days. Now, being able to combine my passion for sports and dance is awesome, because I’m not just performing for dancers or one type of audience, but for both basketball and dance fans.


Outside of the dance studio, I love playing video games. I’m also into movies, especially comedies with Will Ferrell – he’s my favorite actor and always cracks me up with his humor. I like music, but I don’t have a favorite genre – I listen to whatever catches my attention.

Doing Kings Dancer appearances is really fun, too, because I have the opportunity to go out in the community to meet and interact with longtime fans of the Kings.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for checking out my first blog, and stay tuned for updates throughout the season. To learn a little bit more about me and to see some SKD photos, check out my profile on Also, make sure to follow Kings Dancers on Twitter and Instagram: @Kings_Dancers.

Keep dancing!

  • Chick Kick

    so something good did come from the UFL haha

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