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Jimmer’s Blog: Team Camaraderie

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Jimmer’s Blog: Team Camaraderie

No. 7 provides updates on his own and the team’s progress, off-court hobbies, impressions of his alma mater and more, exclusively on his blog.

What’s up, guys? I hope you’ve had a great December and I want to wish you Happy Holidays!

On-Court Assessment

I feel I’ve continued to play very well lately – I’ve been shooting the ball well and playing very confidently and aggressively. I think everything’s been moving in a positive direction on the court, and I hope it will only continue to get better.

As a team, we have to continue to share the ball, rebound, get easy buckets by forcing our opponents into turnovers and get out in transition and play up-tempo. We’ve been doing a much better job in recent games, and we’re excited to continue to keep improving and having our hard work translate into more wins.

Team Support

After I hit a few shots in a row, it means a lot to me whenever I glance over at our bench and see my teammates cheering and jumping up and down excitedly. I think they expect me to try to be aggressive and shoot the ball without hesitation, and that’s what I expect out of myself, as well. It’s great for our team camaraderie, and I do the same when one of my teammates is on a hot streak, as well.

Off-Court Update

My wife and I enjoy dining at so many restaurants downtown, we’ve probably been to every place down there! We love going out to eat and having a great time.

Most of the TV shows we like – including “Revenge” and “Nashville” – are on hiatus until January, so I’ve been watching more movies. I watched “Brave” and “The Bourne Supremacy” recently, as well as a few others while traveling on the team plane.

As many of you now, I’m an avid N.Y. Giants fan. The team has been up and down this season, but as a true diehard, I’m by their side no matter what. They’ve got to win their final game, as well as get help from a few other teams to get into the Playoffs, so hopefully they take care of business.

Being in the NBA hasn’t changed my Giants fandom at all – it’s been in my blood ever since I was a little kid, and I live and die by them. To this day, a win or a loss can help make my day better or worse!

College Hoops

I watch college basketball whenever it’s on, and there are several great teams out there. Duke and Indiana have been impressive, but I think it’s going to be a very competitive year. There isn’t one clear-cut championship favorite, so it’ll be fun to watch and see how it plays out in the end.

BYU lost a tough game to Baylor last week, falling to 8-4 on the season. They’re playing well and have defeated the teams they should beat, but now they just need to pick up some wins against quality opponents. In order to do that, they’ve got to continue to work hard and play tough-nosed defense.

Final Thoughts

Thanks so much for reading my blog, and I hope you continue to enjoy the holiday season. Happy New Year!

Go Kings!

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