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Jimmer’s Blog: Road Trip & More

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Jimmer’s Blog: Road Trip & More

No. 7 takes a timeout from the team’s six-game trip to dish on upcoming Kings matchups in New York and Utah, his favorite restaurant and All-Star memories.

Hey, everyone – Thanks for checking out this month’s edition of my blog. I hope you’re all doing well and staying warm during this cold winter.

After a home-heavy schedule to begin the season, we’ve played a lot of games on the road and have gone through a recent up-and-down stretch. We’re continuing to strive to get better as a team, while I’m focusing on improving personally, as well.

I think we can build on a lot during the second half of the season. We’re continuing to work hard every day in practice, making sure to communicate and staying together as a group. Every team goes through slumps, and the key is building even stronger bonds during those tough times.

New York & Utah

As we continue on our long road trip, I’m looking forward to going back to my hometown in N.Y. on Saturday and my second home state in Utah on Monday. It’ll be a lot of fun to see familiar faces in the stands – my family and a lot of my friends will be at Madison Square Garden and obviously many fans come out to support me in Utah, too. I’m excited to play in those two arenas against two very good teams and, ultimately, I hope we come out with a pair of big wins.

Food Break

My favorite pizza place in N.Y. – which is also my favorite restaurant in the world – is Angelina’s in my hometown of Glens Falls. Unfortunately, since it’s three hours away from the city, I won’t have a chance to go there during this trip, but I hope to find a close substitute while visiting NYC.

What makes a perfect pizza slice is the combination of good sauce, cheese and dough – the best pizzerias have all three down pat.

My wife and I have found some great places in Sacramento where we frequently go out to dinner. We usually get deep-dish style pizza – even though my friend’s place in N.Y. is thin crust – which is delicious.

When it comes to dessert, I try to not eat too many sweets, but I always sneak in a few treats here and there. My three favorites are ice cream, cookies and brownies. My wife makes some of the best chocolate chip cookies you could ever taste!


I’ve had a chance to catch up on a few more movies during our cross-country plane rides. Among my recent favorites is “Pitch Perfect,” and I’m also waiting for a few Oscar-nominated films to come out on DVD. I’m looking forward to picking up “Argo” and “Lincoln” as soon as they’re available.

All-Star Memories

I hope to have the opportunity to participate in an upcoming All-Star Weekend, since it’s always full of excitement. I used to love watching the All-Star Game and cheering for the show-time dunks and amazing plays.

The Three-Point Shootout and Dunk Contest are always fun events to watch, as well. I’ll never forget Vince Carter’s innovative and crazy dunks in 2000, including the 360-degree windmill, which is one of my all-time favorite memories. No matter what, we should be in store for another really fun weekend this year.

Final Thoughts

Thanks as always for reading my blog and continuing to show your support for the team.

Go Kings!

  • Jeremy Marquez

    Which pizza places in Sac do you like Jimmer?

  • Tim Saelee

    Jimmer is such a nice guy, I hope his hard work ethic earns him the Most Improved player award this year. I wish I could spend a day hanging out with him and his wife and talking basketball. It’s too bad I didn’t follow Jimmer during his BYU days :-(

  • Thad Watson

    What shoe do you wear on the court ?

  • Robert

    It looks like you actually lead the team in 3pt% and points/min played. So I guess I don’t get why the coach doesn’t play you more??? I think you would blossom in the NBA if just given the fair chance!!!

  • Chris

    Keep it up Jimmer as I cheer for you in your hometown, as do we all here! Ran into TJ a few times at Walmart (lol), and asked him to pass along my hopes for you! Taylor Luczak was at the Wizards game and we kept texting through it all! Praying for a day when the NBA can “Witness” your true potential!

  • Michael Foster

    Jimmer, I got to see you guys play at the Verizon Center. What a great game and win! Good luck in your upcoming games, keep taking those shots!

  • wyocard

    Our whole family warches every Kings game and things get serious when someone hollars “Jimmertime!” We all wish it were more often.

  • Spad

    Jimmer keep your head up and keep your confidence. You will be another Steve Nash. All you need is a chance. I’m a long time sportswriter who is friends with dick vitale and I know you have the talent and desire to be an nba all star. All you need is a chance. And although I have never met you I can tell you are a super young man. Your time will come. Go Jimmer!

  • Serena Williams Jesperson

    Hey Jimmer Keep your confidence, you need a system that is good for your offense, Im tired of listening to NBA announcers who obviously didnt watch you in college say things like you didnt play point in college? What? That you were a spot up shooter only? What? I watched you play point in college and create your own shot while being triple teamed every game. The references to JJ redick are ridiculous he is a spot up shooter! Its also funny that in the NBA i watch as all teams put their best defender on you and still double team you when you touch the ball, they wouldnt do that if they didnt fear you will light it up, like jazz last night doubled you all night. Wish your team didnt play one on five and they would kick it out to you when are always wide open, always look to pass to your teamates and then they never pass it back. Seems you are only used as a decoy while tyreke drives who by the way never passes or thorton who never passes you the ball your way, or brooks who always goes opposite side from your corner and dishes or kicks to anyone covered when your wide open
    ect. I played ball I see whats going on with your current team, keep the confidence you will get your time but probably only with a different team. Hope you the best, love to watch you play!

  • Jwood

    JIMMER I am your biggest fan and I was sooo excited when a guy came up to me in Atlanta at halftime in the hawks game and told me that he might get me to meet the kings. I met some of yall and was honored but was sad that u didn’t come out I wish you good luck, great shootin, and someday MVP

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