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Roxanne’s Blog: Fitness & Fun

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Roxanne’s Blog: Fitness & Fun

First-year Sacramento Kings Dancer Roxanne discusses her workout regimen, bond with teammates, support for the 49ers and more.

Hi, everyone! I’m happy to be back blogging, and I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m having so much fun as a Kings Dancer, and I miss my teammates whenever I have a day off. They’re all very funny and have terrific personalities. When I first started, I was too shy to speak my mind, but now I feel really comfortable and have opened up a lot more to everyone.

Lately, we’ve spent a lot of time together outside of practices, having dinner and hanging out. My best friends on the team are probably Angela and Moira – two fellow rookies – because they can relate most to what I’m feeling and going through in my first year.

Fitness Regimen

On days we don’t have practices, I usually go to the gym in the morning to work out and then make sure to get some rest afterward. Cardio, which includes running on the treadmill, is an essential part of my workout. I also focus on exercises that tone my legs, arms and abs. Sometimes I’ll also head in the dance room and practice my routines.

After coming home from a rigorous evening practice, I usually have so much adrenaline that I stay up until as late as 1 a.m. The next day, I make sure I get up early, make breakfast – typically hard-boiled or scrambled eggs with potatoes – and head back to train.

My favorite breakfast food is actually waffles, but not only do I strive to eat as healthy as possible, but I also don’t typically crave sweets in the morning.

Calendar Shoot

At the beginning of the season, we dressed in super heroine costumes for a unique SKD calendar photo shoot. It was actually my first professional photo shoot of any kind, so I was nervous about the process.

We had makeup artists and hair stylists on-site, and we went into a specially-designed room with a black backdrop. I posed as Shadow Guard in the tunnel, and the creative team added in cool effects afterward. I ended up having a blast, and the finished product looks amazing!

If you haven’t yet, make sure to pick up your copy of the calendar by visiting the Kings Team Store at Sleep Train Arena or

Go Niners!

I’ve always been a diehard San Francisco 49ers fan, but to be honest, I’m a little surprised they’re in the Super Bowl this season. Just two years ago, they weren’t a great team and they’ve made an amazing turnaround.

Colin Kaepernick has really surprised me and has quickly become one of my favorite athletes. He’s only in his second season and hasn’t started many games, so I’m impressed even more by how much work he’s put in to become so successful already.

Final Thoughts

We recently hosted a Kings Season Ticket Holder event and had a great turnout. I love interacting with Kings and SKD fans, and being out in the community has opened me up to be an even more bubbly person.

Thank you to all supporters in Sacramento and the Philippines! I’m enjoying this opportunity to share my experiences as a first-year Kings Dancer, and I’ll be sure to continue to keep you posted throughout the season.

Keep dancing!

  • luke.

    hey awesome blog! i got to meet your guys a while back and got my SKD calendar signed. you were super nice. love the calendar. it is epic! keep up the great work! got to see you guys today v. the bobcats too. thanks for all you guys do!

  • Chick Kick

    Roxanne its ok u can eat more waffles!!!!

  • Chick Kick

    Roxanne do u read the comments on your blog?

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