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Kings Enjoy Evening with Season Ticket Holders

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Kings Enjoy Evening with Season Ticket Holders

Find out how longtime fans enjoyed a festive night with players and coaches at an exclusive Season Ticket Holder event at Old Sugar Mill.

“My niece will be so jealous when I tell her about this!”

Kate Valpeda – a Kings Season Ticket Holder since 1985, along with her husband Rick – couldn’t hide her excitement as she walked up to Jimmer Fredette to pose for a photo.

No. 7, a wide smile across his face, graciously thanked and hugged the pair before autographing the backs of their Kings T-shirts.

“It means a lot that they’re all taking the time to be here with us,” said Rick afterward. “I like that it’s so casual, and it’s really nice to see everyone out here.

On Wednesday, Rick and Kate joined fellow Season Ticket Holders at an exclusive event that featured complimentary refreshments – including a wide selection of wine, pizza and dessert – in addition to a unique opportunity to mingle, chat and collect autographs from Kings players and coaches at Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, Calif.

Inside the spacious venue, coaches joined Slamson and Kings Dancers to greet the team’s loyal fans as they visited the various wineries, each featuring Kings players.

“It’s always a lot of fun when people come up to me and say, ‘Jimmer time!’ or ‘Keep shooting the ball,’” said Fredette.

“It’s great to see all the Season Ticket Holders come out here, and we appreciate them every single year for their great support.”

Edgar and Emilia – Kings fans since Mitch Richmond’s first season in Sacramento – were thrilled to share an unforgettable evening that began with delicious wine tasting and ended with a meet-and-greet with the second-year guard.

“Jimmer’s my favorite, so I was star-struck,” revealed Emilia. “He said, ‘Thank you,’ and even though I’m pretty sure he gets that all the time, it was very genuine. My best friend is a huge Isaiah (Thomas) fan, so she loved this, too.”

Tyreke Evans enjoyed his first visit to the venue, where he signed hundreds of autographs and interacted with enthusiastic purple-and-black adorned supporters.

“Fans came out and showed support,” he said. “They were happy to see us, taking pictures and things like that, so it was cool.”

No. 13 and his Kings teammates – paired up in seven adjacent rooms – were in a jovial mood throughout the fun-filled night.

Isaiah Thomas thanked countless supporters for kindhearted birthday wishes, while DeMarcus Cousins, whose room may have had the longest line, drew praise from Kings diehards for his stellar play.

Francisco Garcia joined rookie Thomas Robinson for autograph signings, putting smiles on the faces of numerous attendees, as Jason Thompson and Tyler Honeycutt enjoyed Pizza Guys pizza in between photos with fans down the hall.

“It was great!” commented Kings fan Christy Baker Hunter on the Official Kings App fan wall. “All the players were there to sign autographs and take pictures with. Cisco and T-Rob were a lot of fun together! Same with J.T. and Honeycutt.”

Upon discovering No. 34’s and No. 9’s favorite pizza toppings, a thoughtful Season Ticket Holder brought in slices from the abundant buffet.

As the evening came to a close, a beaming Garcia embraced Cousins in a bear hug to the delight of the crowd, as players and fans departed in positive spirits.

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