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Jimmer’s Blog: Teamwork, Bday & More

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Jimmer’s Blog: Teamwork, Bday & More

No. 7 breaks down the team’s recent performance, his birthday celebration, favorite new movies and much more.

Hey, Kings fans – Thanks for tuning-in once again. It’s been a little while!

After a tough February – during which we went on our two longest road trips of the season – we’re all glad to be back home.

We played a great game from start to finish last night against the Bulls. We came out with a lot of energy and never let up from the beginning. Our starters did a great job in building a big lead, and the bench players came in and played great basketball, as well.

As the point and assist numbers over the last few games have shown, we’ve been playing better as a team lately. Guys have come out with a different mindset, as far as trusting each other and knowing their teammates can make plays when given the opportunity. That’s the kind of trust we have to have to grow and keep improving, and I think when we play together, we can compete with any team in the League.

I think this win is a great momentum builder for us moving forward. Our goal is to end the season on a good note, and we’ll have a lot of chances against some very good teams on our home floor.

Late-Game Comeback

On Sunday, we showed our resiliency and team camaraderie by coming back after being down by double-digits with three minutes left against the Bucks. We had a chance to win it at the end, but even though we couldn’t pull it out, I loved the energy and exciting atmosphere. I’m sure everybody who was there had a great time – I know I did.

A lot of people have asked me about the free throw I missed intentionally in the closing seconds. I just tried to hit it hard off the front of the rim and luckily the ball bounced right back to me. Truthfully, it’s not something I’ve practiced much, although sometimes I’ve joked around and tried to miss on purpose.

Trade Reaction

Last month, we made a big trade with the Rockets. The three guys who left – Tyler, Thomas and Francisco – are all good friends of mine, and I wish them all the best.

Francisco, in particular, was a veteran leader for not only me but also everybody on the team. He was one of the older and more-experienced players who’d been here for a long time and knew both the system and the area. He’s a great guy on and off the court who we all enjoyed having on the team.

With that said, I’m excited to have the new guys – Patrick, Cole and Toney – here with us. They’re fun to be around, they work hard and they’ve brought a great mindset to this team.

Birthday Celebration

My birthday was on Feb. 25 and I had a lot of fun. We were in Miami and had the day off, so I was able to spend a lot of time with my wife. She and I had a great dinner, hung out and relaxed a little bit.

She gave me a desktop computer, which is something I really needed and is a great addition to our house. That was the biggest gift I received, by far.

Also, a special thanks to all fans who wished me well on Twitter!

Movies & Music

I recently saw “Argo,” which I loved. It was very impressive in the way it was made, and it’s cool that the plot is based on a true story. It’s amazing how they made a fake movie and a full production to get the hostages out, and although it was close, it ended up being successful. It’s always uplifting to see people in need of a rescue return to their families safely.

The next two movies I’m excited to watch are “Lincoln” and “Silver Linings Playbook,” which I’ll catch as soon as they’re out on DVD.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Bruno Mars, as well as some Maroon 5 lately. I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop when I was younger, but my taste in music has expanded, as I’ve gotten older. Plus, my wife really enjoys that genre, so I’ve changed a little bit based on her influence.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for joining me once again. I appreciate all of your support, and hopefully we continue to get better and finish the season off right.

Go Kings!

  • Dee

    We love and support you Jimmer! Hope Sacramento does better this year. Wishing you and your new wife happiness always.

  • Jo Ann

    Thanks for the update! It has been great to see you progress. l hope you are spending time with your teammates (in addition to your wife) off the court because it will only help you on the court work as a team.

  • Tom Payne

    Happy Birthday! I have become a Kings fan because I love watching you play. Can’t wait to see what the future brings.

  • Brian

    Jimmer: Watched you in Glens Falls and in college (from GF). Got NBA league pass just to watch every one of your games, really love it when you get into the games. Seems like you lost your confidence mid season but you have gained it back recently and it shows. You are an unselfish team player, and when all of your teammates follow suit, you will flourish. You really play well with the three new players. Went to the Celtics game in Boston but it was a disappointing night. Keep playing and learning new tricks!

  • [email protected]

    Jimmer you are going to be a “homegrown” star … My favorite type

  • Clay Johnsen

    I can’t believe that nicest thing you got for your birthday was a computer… Haha I laughed when I heard that. I love how you are just a simple guy even though you are making millions in the league. That’s cool. I’m a huge fan Jimmer.

  • df4liife

    Sorry you have had to spend two years with this dreadful organization..and that your coach has a personal problem or two with you.

    ..Despite the fact that you are never rewarded
    for your great play and in fact often punished for playing well.. and when you do get court are often overlooked by most of your teammates ….

    You STILL are
    the 5th leading PG in the NBA in points per 48 24.4 pp 48

    Of the top 10 PG’s in scoring per 48 minutes the average playing time for the
    other 9 (besides Fredette) is 32 MINUTES!!

    You are the only other top 10 scorer that plays less than 15
    minutes…Nate Robinson comes in at the least amount of playing time after
    You, He gets 25 minutes per game!!!

    You are also the 4th best 3 pt shooter for PG’s in the NBA . (12th overall
    in the NBA shooting better than Novak, Ray Allen and Kevin Durant)

    The avg playing time for the other top 9 is 28 MINUTES per game…

    Your avg Playing time? 13 minutes ( doesnt include dnp’s)

    This clearly illustrates that you are being ABUSED BY

    It also indicates that if you got to play on a real NBA team with a real NBA caliber coach and teammates

    You would be a lights out NBA player avg25 ppg and 7 to 10 assists..

    I dont know how you stay so patient given this Horrible situation you are in but please know there are thousands and thousand of fans waiting for the day you get away from”smart’ and this joke of an organization…


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