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Questions From the 6th Man: Marcus Thornton

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Questions From the 6th Man: Marcus Thornton

Get an inside look at Marcus Thornton, as the guard answers an array of questions – about life on and off the court – submitted by Kings fans via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

One of the League’s sharpest outside shooters, Marcus Thornton has averaged a team-leading 24.8 points per game on 58.1 percent from the field and 48.3 percent from behind the arc over the last four games. Embracing a sixth man role, No. 23 poured in a season-high 36 points – the most scored by a reserve in the NBA this season – while connecting on a career-high eight three-pointers against Miami on Feb. 26.

Following Monday’s practice, the LSU product took time out to dish on everything from his late-game mentality to his favorite superhero in a Q&A with purple-and-black supporters via social media platforms.

: “Yes, I do. I feel like I can make a play for my teammates or for myself. I’m confident in my ability to make a play at that point in time.”

: “The difference is, as a starter, guys get off to a fast pace, and when you come in off the bench, you have to match their speed of the game or where they (are) already. As a starter, you can kind of jump out and get ahead, so to speak.”

: “My older brother taught me how to shoot the ball. It’s funny, because when I first started playing basketball, I had a granny shot, as they would call it back in the day. He taught me how to shoot the regular way and flick my wrist.

“Back in the Michael Jordan era, you had Steve Kerr and all those guys who were lights out, so (I watched them).”

: “Jimmer’s a great shooter. We’d have to shoot it out and see.”

: “Actually, just getting drafted into the NBA (is most memorable) – realizing I’d worked so hard, and now I’m here. I fulfilled my dream.”

: “M.J. and Magic (Johnson).”

: “When I came here, Pooh Jeter had No. 5, so the closest thing was No. 23 – two plus three.”

: “I have six or seven tattoos. All of them have significance and mean a lot to me.”

: “My favorite music artist right now, I’d say, Prince Montana. I have a lot (I’m listening to) – I download a lot of music.”

: “I can’t really pinpoint a fear. I grew up in a household (in which) we weren’t too scared of anything, so I wouldn’t say I have a fear. God – that’s about it.”

: (Laughs) “I guess we’d have to see about that. We’ll have to set that up.”

MT_Nickname2 MT_Nickname3
: “I have a lot of nicknames. All of them mean a lot to me. Anytime the fans and your peers take time out to give you a nickname that means something good, it’s all good to me.”

: “Stay consistent in your craft. Get in the gym, get a lot of repetition up and it’ll happen.”

: “I don’t know what I’d be doing. I’ve been working so hard since I was four years old to be able to be here, so that’s a question I’d have to ask myself.”

: “My favorite superhero is my mom.”

: “DeMarcus. He and I developed a close relationship on and off the court. On the court, we might (disagree with) each other sometimes, but as soon as we step off the court, we’re back going shopping and hanging out together.”

  • Serena Williams Jesperson

    Thorton is a good player, However he is racist, I have video of him countless times where he has the ball puts his back to a wide open jimmer and purposely passes to anybody else on the team completely covered or just forces his shot with two and three defenders , He blatantly did it 4 times during just the last game against denver and I see it every game, Right in front of Coach Smart a wide open Jimmer in his own corner he saw him open and he turned it over trying to pass to a covered teammate. Whats more disappointing is the fact that Coach Smart knows both he and tyreke do this every game to jimmer and Smart allows this kind of racism towards Jimmer, If I were coach and those guys were pulling that sheez they would be on the end of the bench, It shows their lack of character and their racist nature since they both pass to the other teammates, and how disappointing the Head Coach turns his head and allows such blantant crap. I dare anyone to check and review game tape and prove me wrong. Jimmer passes to all open teammates especially thorton and in return he gets the cold shoulder from Thorton . So Thorton you get away with that now with coach Smart and his coaching staff but any other team it wouldnt be overlooked trust me

  • Dr.No

    Are you aware of getting injured

  • Dr.No

    Are you aware of getting traded

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