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Roxanne’s Blog: SKD Updates

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Roxanne’s Blog: SKD Updates

First-year Sacramento Kings Dancer Roxanne shares her appreciation for fans, dishes on the team’s recent “Harlem Shake” video and much more.

Hi, fans! I’m back to share a few exciting updates and stories from my rookie season.

In addition to Kings home games, we’ve been doing a lot of performances at different community events throughout the city. I love our appearances because we get to talk to our fans, and it’s even more fun because they’re always super excited to see us.

After a performance at the Highway to Health Festival at Hiram Johnson High School, we joined a group of children who were coloring animal faces. We ended up coloring one of our own, and also danced with all of the kids. We took some cool photos at the event, which you can see on our Instagram: @Kings_Dancers.

New Routines

We recently performed three brand-new routines at Sleep Train Arena, and we’re excited to debut another one on Saturday, which we learned at mini-camp with the Warrior Girls last month. It’s called “Beyoncé,” because it’s a fun mix of her new and old songs. I’m even more enthusiastic, since hip-hop is my favorite dance style.

Harlem Shake

If you haven’t seen it already, make sure to check out our Harlem Shake video – titled “SKD Shake” – which is hilarious! Lauren, who is one of our captains, originally came up with the idea, and we brought our own costumes and filmed it in a racquetball room during mini-camp.

Lauren was the starter – the first person who’s dancing while we’re stretching and acting like she’s not there – and then we put on our crazy costumes. We were all cracking up at the end, and some of us were even brought to tears because it was so funny.

New SKD Site

Our new SKD Central was recently redesigned and it looks amazing! I love the way it’s formatted, plus it has cool new features and a lot of new action and professional photos. Each dancer has a section, with a bio and interesting information, pictures, audition videos and much more. Please give it a look when you have the chance and let us know what you think.

Thank You

I love and greatly appreciate all of the amazing fans who’ve read and left comments on my blogs. I scrolled through the NBA Philippines site with my parents, since several commenters wrote in Tagalog, and my mom translated for me. I’m so flattered and humbled by the kind words and can’t thank all of you enough for the positive feedback.

Also, to fan Chick Kick on The Kings Blog, I’ve seen the movie “Ted,” and I think it’s hilarious!

I’d be happy to answer fan questions in my next blog, so please feel free to continue sharing your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you as always for reading, and I’ll be back with more fun updates soon.

Go Kings!

  • luke.

    Thanks for the update! It’s great to hear some inside information about what’s going on with SKD! You guys are really great, and you make going to King’s games that much more fun! Hopefully you guys will do the new Beyonce routine next Fri (cuz that’ll be the next game I go to)… it sounds like it’ll be awesome! Here’s a question: When is the next time you’ll do a routine with Slamson again? The one on his b-day with you guys v him and his buddies set to Michael Jackson music was EPIC.

  • Chick Kick

    YES! i made it onto Roxanne’s Blog! thanks…too bad the season ending soon i hope we can still read your blogs. i never been to a game at sleep train, but i heard there is not a bad seat. so many questions to ask but i will keep it to 3 and hopefully u can answer one or two. what was ur fav kings game this year? Which type of waffles do u like the most? and what was the last movie you saw?

  • remi

    hi , i m one of the rare sacramento kings fan from france , and i must say this is fun to read your blog .

    of course , i can t go to the arena to watch you perform live , but i can see you sometimes on my tv or computer when i watch matches and you do a heck of a job .

    so yeah , i do have some questions if you don t mind .
    sorry , if some questions seems stupid but we do not have dancer for our sports teams here , so i m curious to know some stuff .

    how many hours to do you spend in the gym to stay in shape ?.

    do you have an other job aside being an sdk dancer ?.

    how many times do you dance and change outfits in a match ?.

    do you have to be a cute girl to be a part of an nba s dancer team ?.
    i mean , each times i see the dancers there re beautiful , and the sdk are no exception

  • Chick Kick

    i guess there wont be another blog since the season is over now, but thanks for the all blogs this year Roxanne

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