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Eyen: Kings Player Analysis

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Eyen: Kings Player Analysis

Kings Assistant Coach Jim Eyen evaluates the 2012-13 Kings roster, including a breakdown of each player’s skill set and contribution to the team.

Longtime, highly-respected Kings Assistant Coach Jim Eyen – who completed his 22nd NBA season and fourth with Sacramento in 2012-13 – provides a comprehensive assessment of each Kings player’s role, development and contribution to the team, exclusively on

Cole Aldrich

“Cole joined us mid-season and immediately provided us with solid minutes. He has a great instinct for defending the paint, understanding angles, positioning and protecting the rim. Even if he’s unable to block a shot, he makes sure to contest almost every attempt. Offensively, he showed the ability to run the floor and finish effectively around the basket.”

DeMarcus Cousins

“In his third season, DeMarcus showed an overall increase in confidence on the floor, which translated into improvement in two important areas – field-goal and free-throw percentage. As the team continues to count on him, particularly for inside presence, we’ll rely heavily on those categories. With his adept passing ability and improved consistency with his outside shot, at times we ran the offense through him at the high post. This adjustment improved our spacing and allowed more activity off the ball.”

Toney Douglas

“Toney’s ability to put relentless pressure at the point of the opponent’s attack was a big asset to our defense. He enjoys defense – more so, he studies players’ tendencies and understands what it takes to alter an opponent’s game. His intensity on both sides of the ball can be a game-changer. He plays at a fast pace and shoots the ball consistently from the floor and the free-throw line.”

Tyreke Evans

“As he’s done in years past, Tyreke played all three perimeter positions. He’s our most versatile player and, to his credit, he accepted any role we asked of him. He embraced the challenge of defending the opposing team’s best player, as well as continued to develop his individual defense. Offensively, his perimeter shooting improved, and the dramatic increase in his three-point percentage helped open up his entire game.”

Jimmer Fredette

“Jimmer provided an offensive infusion off the bench, ranking among the League leaders in three-point percentage (42 percent). His long-range accuracy forced defenses to adjust, oftentimes opening up the floor for his teammates. His contribution, however, was not limited to scoring, as his playmaking, court vision and ability to make his teammates better were integral traits for us.”

Chuck Hayes

“Chuck rates highly on the ‘reliability’ scale, which, from a coach’s perspective, is truly an important quality. He understands defensive schemes and coverages, as well as the importance of communicating those principles. Individually, he’s as good as I’ve seen defending the post. In addition, he’s one of our best passers.”

James Johnson

“James’ aggressive and tenacious approach to defense allowed us to match him up against some of the most talented players in the League. He has the ability to defend multiple positions, from point guards to power forwards, and is willing to take on any challenge. Utilizing his athleticism, J.J. can change ends quickly in transition, make plays off the dribble and finish effectively at the rim.”

Travis Outlaw

“Travis is a versatile player whose professional approach allows us to use him in a variety of ways. We can match him up against a mobile big man who can stretch our defense with shooting, or a bigger small forward who can overpower many players at his position. He can also defend smaller guards, allowing us to switch in pick-and-roll coverage. Defenses have similar problems guarding him, as we can take advantage of mismatches with his ability to score both inside and out.”

Patrick Patterson

“The definition of a floor-spacer, Pat shoots a high percentage from the field and has three-point range, particularly from the corner. While he’s effective in the pick-and-pop game, he can also operate on the low block. His versatility puts pressure on the opposing defense to find the adequate matchup to defend him. Conversely, he’s able to match up defensively against a ‘hybrid’ forward, allowing us to be more mobile in certain situations.”

John Salmons

“John is a veteran player who understands the nuances of the game. There’s a subtle quality to his game which may, at times, go unappreciated. He fills the stat sheet, as well as contributes in other areas which don’t show up in the box score. Oftentimes matched up against the opponent’s best player, his size and versatility allow us to use him in various ways both defensively and offensively. He also connected on a solid 37 percent from behind the arc.”

Isaiah Thomas

“Early in Isaiah’s rookie season, it became obvious he possessed innate leadership qualities, which he’s built on and demonstrated even more this season. His work ethic and competitiveness earn him respect among his teammates. His challenge is to combine the instinct to attack and score with the ability to ‘quarterback’ the team. This season, he made great strides toward achieving that balance.”

Jason Thompson

“J.T. continues to display a consistency to his game that makes him a valuable piece to our team puzzle. Once again, he shot over 50 percent from the field and also improved his accuracy from the free-throw line by nearly 10 percentage points. He runs the floor as well as any big man in the League. He continues to increase the range of his jump shot so effectively, it’s feasible the three-pointer may soon become part of his game.”

Marcus Thornton

“Marcus has a scorer’s mentality and the ability to put the ball in the basket in a variety of ways. He can beat defenders off the dribble, catch-and-shoot off screens and connect from long range, increasing his three-point accuracy to 37 percent. He was once again solid at the free-throw line (88 percent), as well. He looks to take big shots in pressure situations and has proven he can make them.”

And One

Watch Eyen sink an incredible shot after a recent Kings practice – Click Here.

  • Nick Lampedecchio

    all these great players yet a very losing record.

    • John Bryan

      Could it have something to do with the coach?

      • vonhulland


  • Angelo Amon

    Can’t wait till next season with another lottery pick I’m sure we will draft a great player. With great improvements in the second half of the season I think the Kings have finally found their identity and will only continue to build upon that.

    • vonhulland

      We have had enough rookies. Then it takes 2 years or more to be of any help. We have not got a good team at all. Send some of them somewhere else to play and give us a good team. We deserve it after all these years. The coach we have knows nothing and does the dumbest things. Have to have a good coach to have a good team.

  • Em Gee

    Who’s our next coach? cause “smart” …just isn’t

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