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Jimmer’s Blog: Season Overview

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Jimmer’s Blog: Season Overview

No. 7 dishes on takeaways from his second year, summer plans and much more.

Hey, Kings fans – Thanks as always for checking out my blog.

We played well in April, although it didn’t show up in the win column, and finished the season on a strong note. We know we need to keep getting better and learn to work well together as a unit. We have a lot of young talent on our roster, and it’s all about progressing, working hard during the offseason and coming back ready.


I believe I definitely got better as an all-around player in my second season. I worked hard during practices and focused on improving each and every day. When I had opportunities to play, I feel I performed well and showed I’m a much better player.

My three-point and overall field goal percentages were up from my rookie season because I felt more comfortable and confident on the court. I was able to recognize where I can get my shot off, as well as prepare for the way defenses would play me when I was out there.

I think I’ve made strides on the defensive end, as well. Being a good defender is all about the angles of the game, getting to know players’ tendencies and making sure you know the scheme of the defense, which are areas I’ll continue to concentrate on during the coming months.

Summer Program

I plan to work on every aspect of my game this summer – as I strive to become a great guard in this league – including off-the-ball screens, pick-and-roll situations and ball handling.

I workout with my uncle, Lee Taft, who’s been my trainer ever since I was a young kid. I’m very fortunate to have him on my side because he watches my games and gives me advice on different areas I should work on improving. We go through various drills, from weight training to lateral movement to speed and quickness.

My goals are to get quicker, stronger and more consistent with my jumper during my three-to-four-hour daily workout sessions. I don’t necessarily have a certain number of shots I need to put up per day, but I have specific target goals that vary depending on my area of focus.

I also intend to work on different moves that will help me get my shots off easier during games from everywhere on the floor and from different angles in the lane, such as floaters, runners, etc.

Race to the Finish

During our game against the Grizzlies on April 7, Whitney joined Cole’s fiancée and Isaiah’s girlfriend in The Pepsi Races on the court during a timeout.

The three of them love to have fun and thought it would be cool to do. I couldn’t see a lot of what was happening from my vantage point, but I was definitely keeping my eye on it, since I knew she was participating. What’s funny is I didn’t know which costume she was in until after the race! She said she had a great time afterward and was laughing about how she fell at the end.

Off-Court Fun

Whitney and I had a nice dinner to celebrate her recent birthday. Her family was in town, as well, so we had an enjoyable day all around. I gave her a lot of presents, including nice clothes she really wanted. I also picked up a really cool bike for her – a colorful beach cruiser – which she was really happy to get.

During the summer, we’re planning to visit Europe for about 10 days to check out London and Paris – I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun.

Final Thoughts

Thank you once again for reading my updates throughout the season, and I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from me. I know I’ve had a lot of fun and appreciate all of your support.

  • carmelo dela fuente

    Love watching you play and sinking those 3’s! Hope you get more playing time soon.

  • aplumley

    Hopefully we get to see you on the floor more next year.

  • Tyson

    Your a great shot, hope you get more play time in the next season!
    It would help the team more, the way I see it.

  • disqus_Eo1LA3IlRO

    Thank you for all of your updates and thoughts. Your blogs are always enjoyable to read and it’s good to see that you are always striving to get better as a player. Hopefully they get you back in the starting line up soon because you definitely help our team out a lot.

  • Mohamed Conde

    more playing time you and tyreke brilliant!!!

  • SylD.

    Hey Jimmer,

    Enjoyed your blog and it sounds good. Tried to watch when your games were telecast. The local news also reports on your progress. You are still the hometown boy. I hope you and Whitney enjoy your trip this summer. It sounds like great fun. Never been to Europe. Maybe someday before I’m pushing up daisies.

    My best,

    Your cousin

  • Nick Lampedecchio

    Hey Jimmer! Good blog! I hope you get more minutes in sacramento next year! One of the many kings games I went to this season, Your wife was sitting about 3 rows up from me and everyone was coming up to her and asking for pictures, I had no idea who she was but the fact that she was sitting not courtside was strange. haha. Anyway just wanted to tell you that :)

  • Tom Ebert

    Jimmer – you have a winning attitude and see the improvements and goals you set in summer as the roadway toward your continued success. I hope you get a bunch more playing time next year – well be watching for sure. Go Kings!

  • KeepitReal

    Good luck in Seattle

  • disqus_KMX2z2ls43

    The Kings would win more games if you got to play more. Hope that happens the next season.

  • Robert Torchia

    Hope you get the starting positions here in Sacramento you are deserving of that. All I can say is you are a superstar of the future if given a chance. Good luck next season and God Bless you and your family.

  • Em Gee

    Good luck to you Jimmer.
    I watched almost very Kings game these past 2 years just to watch you play. Me and thousands & thousands of other fans feel that you were treated horribly and not given the chance to play that you earned. That Coach smart did you Wrong by not rewarding you for your excellent play and team first attitude.
    We all wish that next year you have a new coach that appreciates the myriad skills and winning attitude you bring to the court and an organization that is 100% behind you.

    You have handled this very difficult situation with grace and patience and I know you will be rewarded for it and all the hard work you put in..
    Dig in to your workouts this summer and we will see you next year .
    Thanks for the thrills!

    Just thinking ….maybe you write out a new mission statement ( like the one you did when you were a kid)” I JIMMER FREDETTE…will Play in __ all star games win ___NBA titles, win ___ scoring tittles…..become the best free throw shooter ever”

    The first one worked pretty well :)
    Good Luck Brother !

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