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JT’s Blog: Season Assessment & More

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JT’s Blog: Season Assessment & More

Jason Thompson reflects on the team’s 2012-13 campaign, shares his support for Jason Collins, dishes on offseason plans and more.

What’s up, Kings fans? I’m back at it for my end-of-season blog.

We wish we were playing in the Playoffs right now, but we definitely had some quality wins this year – including victories over the Lakers, Clippers and Bulls – that are great memories, as well as examples of our growth and reminders of how we can continue to improve going forward.

Personally, I feel blessed I was able to play every game this season. My body was sore at times, but I played through the wear-and-tear and felt I had a pretty solid campaign. With that said, I always believe I can do better – I’ve improved in each of my five pro seasons so far, and I’ll strive to do the same next year.

Looking back, I’m thankful to be in the position I’m in today. When I think about where I started – from the time a basketball was first put in my hands – to be where I am now – accomplishing my goal of playing in the NBA – it’s an amazing and humbling feeling.

Jason Collins’ Announcement

It’s a big announcement for Jason, not just as a professional athlete but also as a person, and I’m sure he feels better. Being a fellow NBA player, I support him and respect his courage.


One of my favorite highlights and greatest honors this season was winning the team’s Oscar Robertson Triple-Double Award. It means so much to me to be recognized not only for my on-court success, but also for my off-court efforts and appearances in the community. I’ve strived to make a positive impact through my foundation – hosting events such as Red Night Out to benefit the American Heart Association – as well as provide tickets for kids in the “J.T. Block Party” section at Sleep Train Arena.

I’m excited to announce The Jason Thompson Foundation will hold additional events this summer, many of which will probably be on the East Coast. The details and dates will be posted soon on and Some of our outings include visiting local Boys and Girls Clubs, having events at my high school and various elementary schools, as well as hosting a charity golf outing.

Offseason Program

I’ll be staying in Philadelphia for most of the summer, working out with my trainer, strength & conditioning coach and shooting coach at a private gym. I’m going to work on my flexibility and lower-body strength, as well as continue to develop my skill set on the court. I’m looking to add more go-to moves and to stretch my range – maybe out to the three-point line – to become a tougher player to guard.

My offseason regimen is mainly up to my trainer, who usually recommends sand and pool workouts for leg strength and a lot of exercises with the TRX band.

While I’m in Philly, I’ll also probably catch up and work out with Tyreke. Throughout the summer, my teammates and I text each other to see what’s up and try to find a time when we can all meet up.


Eating healthy foods is just as important as exercise when it comes to my offseason program, so I have a chef who prepares nutritious meals I enjoy. I try to stay away from greasy foods, opting for dishes that fill me up and also provide energy.

For breakfast, I’ll typically have an omelet, some type of other egg dish or pancakes, plus turkey bacon or turkey sausage. Lunch might be a bagel with tuna salad, fruit or a chicken wrap. I’ll try to mix it up for dinner, but make sure to include some vegetables and maybe grilled chicken or fish. I also have a protein shake after every lifting session and another one at the end of the night.

Summer Fun

I’m looking forward to going on a few vacations this summer. Soon, I’ll be going to Hawaii for the first time, and later, I hope to visit my brother in Belgium. I may end up going on a longer European trip and travel to Israel again.

I’ve always enjoyed going to different countries, where I have the chance to meet a lot of great people, try all kinds of interesting food, learn new languages and just experience an entirely different culture.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to everyone for checking out my blog this season. I hope you have a great summer. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates throughout the offseason, as well as if you want to hit me up with any questions.

Go Kings!

  • Melissa

    Great post Jason! I think you had an amazing season and you can only get better. Still waiting for the official announcement that the Kings stay in Sacramento :::crossing fingers::: and seeing the Kings improve next season. Enjoy your summer…and safe travels:) #KingsAllDay

  • Bill Holtorf

    missed you at party downtown.I visited with you few times at AB and looking forward to seeing you again..If certain others on our team had your dedication,work ethic,playing as a team guy not individual…The few times this year Kings played as a team,WOW,we all can see the future…Looking forward to much more fun for you and the Kings…

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