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Roxanne’s Blog: Rookie Reflections

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Roxanne’s Blog: Rookie Reflections

First-year Sacramento Kings Dancer Roxanne shares her favorite moments from the season, answers fan questions and more.

Hey, fans! I’m happy to be back to give you my season overview, following an awesome first year as a Kings Dancer.

Looking back, some of my favorite moments came during mini-camp, where all of us became even closer as teammates. We had so much fun going out to dinner, walking through the mall and sharing plenty of laughs. We tried to do an SKD flash mob. And, one night, the veterans dared the rookies to jump into the pool while it was freezing cold outside – we actually did it!

Also, getting to know Jenn as a coach has been an awesome experience. In fact, she’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever had because she’s always there to interact with us and do all the hard work right alongside us. Her background as a Kings Dancer has helped all of us, as well, because we know she’s been in our shoes and we understand her vision.

New Perspective

My perspective on being a Kings Dancer changed so much this season. Prior to trying out, I actually took a break from dance for a couple of months, and came into this season thinking it would be similar to a regular dance class. I didn’t realize just how hard everyone works, and it was also the first time I’d ever danced so fast. It was hard at first, but I caught up quickly and loved every second.

Since my background is primarily in hip-hop, learning jazz technique was by far my biggest challenge. It’s a completely different style of dance, so not only did I have to improve my flexibility, but I also had to learn to remember to point my toes and ways to perform certain leaps.

I’m actually considering joining a jazz class this summer because I know it’s an area where I still need to improve.


Off the court, I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet and perform in front of so many fans during our community appearances. I love going to rallies at elementary schools because the kids go bananas whenever they see us alongside Slamson and Kings players!

It feels good to know we make a positive impact on others’ lives, just by being there and interacting with the fans.

Fan Questions

Thank you once again to all of the great fans who’ve left comments and questions on my blogs. As I mentioned last time, I’m happy to answer as many as I can.

Remi: “How many hours to do you spend in the gym to stay in shape?”

During the season, I spend about two hours in the gym every other day we don’t have practice. I mainly focus on cardio and then work on my abs and my legs. If the dance studio is open, I also practice all of my routines.

Remi: “How many times do you dance and change outfits in a game?”

A lot! We have a minimum of four outfits per game – one for each quarter – plus, if we have an event before tip-off, we’ll wear a different costume then, such as our dress and boots. It’s definitely hectic sometimes. One time, Angela performed on-court without her heels buckled, but luckily they stayed on.

Luke: “When is the next time you’ll do a routine with Slamson? The one on his bday with you guys and his buddies set to Michael Jackson music was EPIC.”

While the 2012-13 Kings season has now ended, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed our routine with Slamson! It was a little challenging to get the final slide down, but practicing the routine was so much fun – Slamson is hilarious!

Chick Kick: “What was your favorite Kings game this season?

My favorite Kings game would have to be the night of April 10 against the Hornets, because we performed two of my favorite routines, Beyoncé and Birthday. Not only did I love the dances, but also the Kings won, so it was just a great all-around evening.

Chick Kick: “Which type of waffles do you like the most?”

I love cinnamon waffles with butter-flavored syrup, but sometimes I’ll also have plain waffles with strawberries and bananas on top. I very rarely eat waffles during the season, but I might indulge just a little during the summer.

Summer Fun

Now that the season has ended, I’m hoping to go on a vacation. Last weekend, I went up to Santa Cruz with a few friends for a late spring break. I also plan to visit my cousins in L.A. soon.

I’ll definitely be in touch with my teammates throughout the offseason because it’s always fun to hang out with them outside of practice. We’ll probably get together for lunch in downtown Sacramento, and there’s also been talk of going on a fun-filled weekend trip.

Final Thoughts

Thanks so much for reading my blog all season. In addition to performing in front of amazing Kings fans, sharing updates throughout my rookie year has been a great experience.

Go Kings!

  • luke.

    thanks for the blog entries roxanne! they were great to read this past season. and thanks for taking the time to answer the fan questions (especially mine!). have a great summer!

  • remi

    thanks for the answers .

    it s nice to see you work on your body so hard .
    how do you works on your abs ?.
    for me , it s the most annoying stuff to do when i work out, so maybe you have a tip to give that stuff a more entertaning aspect .

    next year you won t be a rookie anymore , so how do you plan top welcome the sdk rookies ?

    have a great summer
    Go Kings

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