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Kings Fans Celebrate at LLTK Rally

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Kings Fans Celebrate at LLTK Rally

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Thursday’s Long Live The Kings Rally, featuring Vivek Ranadivé, Mayor Kevin Johnson, Chris Webber, Mitch Richmond and more.

UPDATE: Missed any of Thursday’s action? CSNCA will rebroadcast Long Live The Kings Rally on May 25 at 1 p.m., May 29 at 5 p.m. and May 30 at 8 p.m.

  • Steven Bumgarner

    This go’s out to all of you NAY SAYERS and you know who you are, you said “let ‘em go” “they stink” “good riddance” Well I have one word for you “MOVE”!!!
    This is our town, this is our TEAM, LONG LIVE THE KINGS forever…
    What a great night!!! I haven’t seen that kind of buzz in this town since the Vlade/C-Webb days. Thank You to K.J. for making this happen, We Sacramentans are lucky to have you…much Love!!! I met some great new friends including my buddy George who I met @ the Grange he was rocking his powder blue Reggie Theus Jersey…:) Just an Awesome night…I LOVE THIS TOWN…Bummy33

  • Tj Van Gelder

    I was unable to make the event but was supporting in spirit. I’ts great when fans get together to support the Kings. We need more fans to rise up and show their love for the team our city is a great city that I use to take for granted. Now I know how important it is to support your home team. Thank you to all the loyal fans and Sacramento Kings Members that have kept the spirit alive over the years. I wan’t to win a Championship someday!!! Lets show this country how much of Warriors Sacramento truly is!!!Lets have that mentality of fighting until theirs nothing left. Our team is as good as the best of them when we jell we’ve beaten the Lakers. I know I was at the game we can hit wining streaks. Our players have a No Fear mentality in them I know it they just need to play hard that’s all I ask. LOVE THOSE KINGS!!!

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