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Many Looks of James Johnson

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Many Looks of James Johnson

Revisit Kings forward James Johnson’s versatile on-court style from the 2012-13 season, as No. 52 discusses the inspiration for his ever-changing hairdo and more.

Shortly after the 2012-13 season tipped off, Kings forward James Johnson decided to honor his Samoan heritage by growing out the shortly-cropped hair he’d sported throughout much of his career.

“I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now (because) it’s part of my mom’s culture,” explains Johnson. “But it’s just a process, so you have to figure out different styles to put it in.”

Throughout the year, No. 52 sported cornrows, dreadlocks and a mini-Afro, along with various facial hairstyles, including muttonchops. After learning of his far-sightedness in mid-November, the forward briefly wore goggles, and was oft spotted on-court with a headband in the season’s early goings.

While Johnson reveals he appreciates former Sacramento center Scot Pollard’s many forms of self-expression, the Wake Forest product says he hasn’t drawn inspiration from any athletes or celebrities.

“I’ve never been a follower, so I think I’m the inventor,” says Johnson with a smile. “I’m just doing my own thing.”

Although his teammates have joked the 6-foot-9 forward’s appearances have conjured up memories of former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson and rapper Coolio, the Wyoming native believes his cohorts have taken note of his impeccable flair.

“I’m pretty sure they took heed from my hair swag, so they might copy it during the summertime,” he says with a chuckle. “They didn’t want to do it (during the season).”

While it’s unclear if Johnson’s teammates intend to follow in his fashion footsteps, Johnson has someone new with whom to share grooming guidance.

“I’m going to keep (growing my hair) out,” says No. 52. “I just had a son, so maybe he and I will grow it out together.”

  • skfan

    James Johnson is traitor. He showed up to Sleep Train wearing a Sonics cap.
    He is not welcome in Sacramento.

  • Sebastian Valencia

    Exactly what skfan said, I didn’t like him much before, but after he wore a Sonics hat, I despise him. What a traitor, he should be booed every time he touches the ball!

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