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Mock Draft Roundup

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Mock Draft Roundup

Check out the prospects analysts around the League predict Sacramento will select with the seventh-overall pick.

Following the results of last week’s Draft Lottery – in which the Kings landed the No. 7 pick – NBA pundits released preliminary mock drafts, forecasting where top collegiate and international prospects may land come the June 27 Draft.

While group and individual workouts, one-on-one interviews and hours of film-review over the coming weeks will likely play key roles in each team’s decisions, notable analysts evaluated Sacramento’s roster needs in predicting the team’s Draft-day selection. Several believe the Kings will set sights on a playmaking guard or high-scoring forward, while others expect the team to nab an athletic big man to complement up-and-coming center DeMarcus Cousins in the frontcourt.

As the Kings aim to bolster an improving team with high-caliber young talent, take a look at excerpts from several mock draft breakdowns below.

Player Otto Porter, SF Trey Burke, PG Michael Carter-Williams, PG Cody Zeller, C
Player Shabazz Muhammad, SG-SF Cody Zeller, C Cody Zeller, C

“The Kings could use a forward with a high IQ – that does a little bit of everything. That’s exactly what Porter brings to the table. The former Hoyas star does a little bit of everything.” – Jeff Goodman,

“Point guard, small forward and power forward are all positions the Kings need to address at some stage, and there should be plenty of talented options to choose from here. In the event that Burke somehow slips (to No. 7), the Kings would surely jump on him.” – Jonathan Givony, Yahoo Sports (via

“Carter-Williams is a high-risk, high-reward player. He has elite size for his position, proved to be a terrific athlete at the NBA draft combine and sees the floor well. In addition, he’s a rangy defender who averaged 2.8 steals per game last season.” – Chad Ford,

“(Zeller’s) 35.5 inch standing jump is the highest recorded for a big man in years (at the NBA Draft Combine). Zeller shows the ability to knock down mid-range shots with regularity and runs the floor like a gazelle, which is rare for a 7-footer.” – (via

“Zeller tested well at the combine, for whatever that’s worth, showcasing tremendous athleticism. Teams will want to see how he shoots from the perimeter at individual workouts, but there is no denying that Zeller is a skilled offensive player … adding Zeller to a frontcourt with DeMarcus Cousins has potential.” – Chris Mannix,

Fan Take

What position would you like to see the team address with its First-Round pick?

  • telecom77

    We are rebuilding AGAIN this season so just pick the best player available. Hard to go wrong that way. As I’ve said before, you just have to ask Portland who didn’t pick Michael Jordan or Kevin Durant, and instead, picked players to fill a position………. DISASTER!!!

  • webberfan23

    zeller and cousins would be cherry


    Sign Josh Smith and Shannon Brown. Put Reke back at point guard where he won rookie of the year. Draft Zeller. Starting lineup: Reke, Brown, Smith, Zeller, Cousins. Off The bench: IT, Jimmer, Salmons, P Pat, Thompson. Hello Playoffs.

    • Harvin S.

      I hope you know that Josh Smith isn’t going to sign with the Kings, he will most likely go to the Celtics where he actually WANTS to go

      • MC AUSTIN

        Kings have new ownership, the best arena in the league impending and DMC and Reke. They are also young and can make a run with the right GM and coach… also impending. The Celtics have a great coach and other than that an aging roster ready to retire. Josh Smith wanted to go to the Celtics, now perhaps he will consider the Kings. Don’t be a pessimist man. This is a great team and a great city. We can attract top tier talent we just haven’t had the ownership to do so.

        • Harvin S.

          Im not trying to be negative or anything, but Smith doesn’t want to play in Sacramento. And we shouldn’t waste too much money on him when he could try and get someone else from free agency. A player like Smith would want to go to a playoff team, and at this point no one views us as one. Plus we should try and get a SF from free agency like Iggy, and someone who is a better passer than IT like Teague. IT could be 6th man and we could trade thorton, who obviously doesn’t like his role off the bench. Resign tyreke and see what we can do from there. I’m kinda iffy on Teague, because Isaiah will be a good passer in the future. But if we can get SMith, that will be good for us, best front court in the NBA

          • MC AUSTIN

            I will concede and agree on all points but Iggy.

    • KING

      reke isnt what he used to be and if he is it is only for 1 game a month we need IT running point

      • MC AUSTIN

        If we’re going that route, we need better than IT too. Love him as a 6th man and interim starter.

      • Dedonut

        He’s been moved all over and had coaching changes. Smart never seemed to settle on a lineup. Stability will help hugely and I agree moving him back to PG is a good idea if you can speed him up and not have him slow dribble up the court like he always did before.

      • Matt Mossman

        Agreed. However, I think PG is still an issue of depth/diversity. I’d like to see the Kings develop a larger/defensive minded PG to compliment Isaiah.

  • King Rob

    I think every team in the playoffs showed that you need a stud pg. I love thomas as a scorer but not pure pg. I say take burke, work a trade for granger, and if neither take zeller

  • Robert Montes

    Cody n DMC good fit for the kings this season FA goes HARD men!!!!

  • kingsfan

    How about drafting someone who wants to play DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Mares

    Starting: IT, Brown, Smith, Cousins, Zeller. Bench: Jimmer, Salmons, Thompson, and Pat. There is only one way to find out, why not give it a shot?

  • Sean R.

    This team has a lot of holes to fill. I think whoever is drafted needs to not only have skill but also be a team player and the potential to possibly be a leader. There are too many players on the team right now that are “me first” players and I think the team is lacking leadership. We need players that can pass the ball, work together, and hopefully develop team chemistry. I wouldn’t mind the team even trading the pick if we could pick up a veteran in return that could fill some of this void.

  • PG Bounce

    With all that athleticism, shouldn’t Zeller have been a better shot blocker and rebounder?

    • Matt Mossman

      That’s what I keep saying. His combine numbers don’t carry over on to the court.

  • smudgebucket

    Hope the Kings will consider keeping Toney Douglas. He is an excellent defender as he showed against Curry in that game at Golden State. Also can hit the three and is not selfish with the ball. He would be good off the bench and could be effective containing other teams high scoring guards. A solid role player.

  • gm

    thornton WILL start. he averaged 18 when he did. tyweak gone in sign n trade 4 solid gaurd. isaiah 6th man. draft zeller to start. then pick up high potential forward in second round. sign a point guard like jennings. =winning formula

    starters: jennings, thornton, 2ndpick, zeller, boogie

    bench: thomas, thompson, jimmer, sign a solid veteran 2 gaurd

    • Matt Mossman

      Zeller will be a bust, IMO, but I like the idea of adding length to the team.

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