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Players Dish on Offseason Plans

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Players Dish on Offseason Plans

Get an inside look at how Thomas, Evans, Thornton and more intend to spend the summer, from grueling workouts to rest on international beaches.

Whether it’s relaxing in the comforts of home or taking an overseas trip, many Kings players find it essential to recuperate and recharge after a demanding NBA regular season.

“You have to rest your body and your mind – just try to get yourself back together, mentally and physically,” says 11th-year veteran John Salmons. “I take about a month off, and then it’s full-steam ahead after that, getting ready for the next season.”

“I take a break (for) about three weeks,” says Tyreke Evans, who plans to return to his hometown of Chester, Pa. “Then, I start right back at it, working out again (all summer).”

Although he played in a career-high 69 games in 2012-13, Jimmer Fredette doesn’t expect to take too much of timeout upon arriving at his Colorado home.

“I’ll take a little bit of time off, relax (and) get my body healthy, but as a young person, you don’t need a lot of time off,” explains Fredette. “I’m actually raring to go, trying to improve my game to get better (and) come back ready next year.”

While fellow second-year guard Isaiah Thomas is planning a brief hiatus, he admits it’ll be difficult to refrain from hooping entirely.

“I’ll probably try to take a couple of weeks off – maybe a month – but I’ll still be playing in YMCAs,” says No. 22. “I don’t really take time off – (only) time from (lifting) weights and individual workouts.”

Once he steps back in the gym, in addition to two-a-day sessions beginning as early as 6:30 a.m., the Tacoma native is looking forward to competing in daily pick-up games with numerous players from his hometown.

“Jason (Terry) is not around that much because he coaches his girl’s AAU team during the summer, but Jamal (Crawford), Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson, Aaron Brooks are there, Michael Dickerson comes and plays, plus a lot of overseas guys,” says Thomas. “We have good runs Monday through Friday at noon.”

In the process, the Kings guard aims to become an even tougher matchup for the opposition by fine-tuning his versatility.

“I want to make sure my moves going left are identical to my moves going right – that’s the big thing,” says Thomas. “I want to get my right hand as strong as my left, so even if you force me right, I can do the same things as when I go left.

“I have a few specific things I want to get better at, but overall, I want to come back an even better player, a better shooter, passer – everything.”

No. 22’s teammates have similarly mapped out offseason training agendas, focused on all-around advancement in areas including conditioning, strength and agility.

“I’m working out this year with a trainer, first, (starting) with cardio and core stuff,” says Evans. “After that, I’ll work out with my brother … (we’ll be) back in the gym, just like we used to do, (getting) back to basics.”

Louisiana native Marcus Thornton expects to enjoy the company of his extended family for several weeks before putting his body through a rigorous regimen.

“I’ll do a lot of weight-lifting – power, Olympic lifts,” says No. 23. “I have a trainer back home who’s been training me since high school, so he and I get together to work. We try to get a routine going, depending on what we need, (whether) we’re doing arms or legs that day.”

Determined to stay in top-notch shape year-round, forward Jason Thompson is committed to strength and conditioning training, along with a nutritious diet.

“(I’ll work on) my lower body and my strength – especially with getting older, eating healthy and making sure your knees and your legs are right for years to come (is important),” he says.

Along with rigorous training, many Kings players plan to travel over the coming months, including Fredette, who’ll visit London and Paris with his wife.

Evans has booked a ticket to Bora Bora in French Polynesia, while DeMarcus Cousins plans to visit an exotic island after reconnecting with family in his hometown of Mobile, Ala.

Thompson, an avid world traveler who toured Italy and the Dominican Republic last summer, also has several offseason getaways on tap.

“I’ll go on vacation to a few spots – at least one (will be) Hawaii,” says No. 34. “There are other places I’ll go to throughout the summer, as well.”

As part of his “busy and productive” summer, Cole Aldrich – who’ll graduate from Kansas with a degree in communications in mid-May – is looking forward to a honeymoon excursion after tying the knot in July, as well as checking out nearby destinations.

“We’re going to do a little tour of Northern California – go see Napa, Tahoe and maybe to Redwood (Forest),” he says. “It’ll be a fun road trip.”

Once the calendar hits August, similar to last offseason, Thomas expects to organize workouts with many of his teammates.

“We’ll probably do it towards the end of the summer,” he says. “We’ll see what guys are doing, if they’re available and go from there. I’ll probably be the guy (who organizes everything) because I’m the point guard.”

Kings Head Coach Keith Smart – who was pleased his players previously held voluntary workouts – expects the talented squad to take a major step forward in 2013-14.

“We have to go for the gusto next year,” says Smart. “We have to go for it all … and it starts (during) your summer workouts.”


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