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Shapiro: Player Offseason Training

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Shapiro: Player Offseason Training

Gain insight into the summer programs of Kings players and more from the team’s strength and conditioning coach, Daniel Shapiro.

After wrapping up his eighth season as Kings Strength and Conditioning Coach, Daniel Shapiro sat down with to provide a breakdown of each player’s offseason program and more.

Check out excerpts from the 2010 NBSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year’s podcast below, and listen to the entire conversation exclusively on the Official Sacramento Kings App.

With strength and quickness so essential to Tyreke Evans’ game, what is the focus of his offseason training?

For a guy like Tyreke, with strength and quickness, we definitely do a lot of agility training, we do some (plyometrics and) conditioning is very important. It’s pretty much an overall strength and conditioning program because, naturally, he’s very gifted athletically. He jumps well, he runs well, he’s very long, he has good, quick feet (and) he has great hand-eye coordination.

DeMarcus Cousins is able to overpower opposing big men as well as able to get past defenders with his quickness. How is his workout regimen tailored to enhance the attributes of his game?

With him being in the paint so much and having to battle guys, him being both athletic –to be able to take guys off the dribble – and also big – and (going up against) some of the biggest (centers) – we’re working a little more on conditioning. (He has) to be able to endure consistent efforts in the paint because it’s hard to do when you’re battling (and) you have to consistently jump and box out.

So, with him, we focus a little more on his lower-body strength … and repetitive power – as far as how many times he can get up and constantly do repetitive motions at a high level.

Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette made significant strides as second-year guards. How would you characterize their respective training regimens?

When you’re talking about Isaiah and Jimmer, you’re talking about two of the hardest workers I have on the team. They’re two of the most consistent, professional and prideful players. From a strength and conditioning perspective, during the season, they’re with me all the time and they’re very in-tune with their programs, very in-tune with their bodies.

Their training regimens in the offseason are progressive. These guys are not taking a lot of breaks. They love the gym, they love being in the weight room and they love the benefits they get from both playing better and working on their bodies.

How would you describe the process of integrating mid-season acquisitions Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Toney Douglas into the team’s training program?

Any time you get a player midseason – with only eight to 10 weeks to go – it’s an interesting situation because you have to first find out what they’ve been doing. Our job is to get in touch with the strength and conditioning coach from where they came from (to) find out the program they were on. A lot of (teams) do very similar things, but you still want to find out where they were in their season or in their program.

Then, I spend time with them (during which) I have to not just try to keep on doing some of what they’ve been doing, but put my spin and introduce them to my program. So, there’s a little bit of (time) – I’d say two to three weeks – when you get to know them. It’s kind of like a constant interview of what they’ve been doing, and I throw them in with other guys on the team.

The three guys you just mentioned have great work ethics and they come from a great strength coach in Houston. Those three guys have been a pleasure to work with.

As one of the team’s top scorers, what are key areas you’ve highlighted for Marcus Thornton to continue his ascent and enhance his all-around game?

Marcus Thornton has great genetics – he’s a lean, athletic guy. He’s a guy who has kind of tight hips, so I think if we can work on strengthening his lower body a little more and work on some flexibility, he can probably (become) maybe a step faster, maybe a step more powerful because (he’d) have a stronger range of motion.

He’s a (hard-working) guy, too, in the offseason. He has a great strength coach he works with back in his hometown. He’s back and forth – we get the workouts in here or he comes and meets us in Las Vegas for Summer League. (The goal is to) pretty much keep him where he’s been. Through the three years we’ve had him, he’s been the definition of in-season maintenance.

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To listen to the entire podcast – including Shapiro’s complete assessment of the 2012-13 Kings roster, the importance of nutrition and finding balance between cardiovascular work and weight training – visit the Audio section in the Official Sacramento Kings App.

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