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Vivek: ‘Fans Come First’

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Vivek: ‘Fans Come First’

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Vivek Ranadivé’s journey to becoming owner of the Sacramento Kings and more in a two-part interview that aired on KCRA.

Coming from humble beginnings, Sacramento Kings Owner Vivek Ranadivé left his home country of India at 16 to pursue an education at MIT. Over the ensuing years, the entrepreneur rapidly excelled in the technology sector, ultimately founding his Silicon Valley-based company, TIBCO Software Inc., in 1997.

“When you’re given an opportunity to do something special – that’s bigger than yourself – then you have to take it,” Ranadivé shared with KCRA’s Kellie DeMarco in a recent one-on-one interview. “And that’s what I did.”

Prior to pursuing ownership of the Kings, the forward-thinking approach that afforded Ranadivé success in the business world led him to identify a way to capitalize in a new challenge – coaching his daughter’s middle school basketball team. Despite no previous background in the sport, the technology visionary helped lead the squad to glory by instilling a non-stop full-court press.

“I devised a style of play where I ended up winning every single game and taking my team to the national championship,” explained the Kings owner, who earned a master’s and bachelor’s degree from MIT, as well as an MBA at Harvard.

In Sacramento, Ranadivé has his sights set on continuing to not only instill a winning culture and develop the team’s nucleus of young players, but utilizing innovation to enhance both in-arena and at-home fan experience.

“When we had the rally in Sacramento and thousands of people showed up, I just was blown away – humbled beyond belief – by the city and the fans of Sacramento,” he said. “We know that it’s all about the fans and the fans come first.

“I’m always looking forward, and right now, I’m very, very excited about the Kings and Sacramento and what we can do.”

  • Mary Barker

    Looking forward to this new era of Kings basketball. The new arena will bring so much to Sacramento. I like Vivek’s vision and passion. I hope we see the return of the WNBA …many fans of the Monarchs will return as Kings supporters. Thanks- you for giving us a voice!

  • truthtracer

    Vivek~ “I devised a style of play where I ended up winning every single game and taking my team to the national championship.” I am excited about the new direction but come on, his girls (team) did the winning , he led them. Why take all the credit there? It’s always a concern when too many I’s are thrown around when describing a team sport.

  • Tj Van Gelder

    I understand Vivek’s passion for the game and love for basketball and Sacramento. The man is doing more in his life then I ever did, I have great respect for him. Don’t misunderstand someone until you know the whole story he’s no doubt moving in the right direction. We needed someone to step up for Sacramento like our owner Vivek. As the GM said it will change our culture. Thank you Vivek you are supported, their are fans that love what your doing we just don’t voice it like we should. Thank you to Coach Malone and the GM and all the hard working players we support you.!!!

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