Kings History
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  • rt6q

    Shaq, welcome to Sacramento. I’m thrilled that you joined the Kings new ownership and I wish you all the best. Congratulations, Shaqramentooooo! :0)

  • AlwaysSmileintheSun

    Thank you Shaq! From a long, long time Kings fan, thank you so much for joining us and all that I know you will do for us. Let’s go Shaqramento!

  • Carrie Hoffmann-Simpson

    WOW…that made me laugh out loud…haha What a comedian at a time when we sure needed to let loose of all this damn stress and LAUGH!! Breath of fresh air for SURE!! Welcome to town Shaq. And thank you for joining with us to take this new vision and new era of Kings basketball to the next, highest, possible level!!

  • John Martin

    Love that Shaq is on our team. What a great personality.

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