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Introducing Corina’s Blog

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Introducing Corina’s Blog

In her blogging debut, Sacramento Kings Dancer Corina reflects on her dancing background, dishes on learning new routines and more.

Hey, Kings fans! I’m excited to start my blog and share everything I’ll go through as a Kings Dancer during my rookie season.

I love being a part of this team because the Kings are the heart of our community and I’ve always been a huge fan.

I still remember being at the edge of my seat while watching Mike Bibby and Chris Webber play back in the day. Bibby also used to work out at a nearby gym where we had cheer practice in high school, and I’ve always respected the way he’s been in touch with the Sacramento community.

I’ve been a longtime hip-hop dancer and teacher, and by now becoming a Kings Dancer, I’m hoping to show my students they can do anything they pursue. I want them to have a role model they can look up to as up-and-comers in this field.

My Background

I was brought up in the dance world. My father is very active in the dance community and owns Step 1 Dance Studio – the biggest dance studio in Sacramento – where I spent much of my youth.

I started high school at age 12, and always stayed late to assist with choreography for all four of the junior dance teams. When our cheerleading coach quit during my junior year, I ended up taking over the position. I had to learn how to cut my own music, which basically meant I had to become a DJ overnight, as well as be in charge of everything from costumes to halftime performances. I realized how much I loved the experience, which ultimately pushed me to open my own studio for kids in my community.

I launched ICE Dance Company, which started off as a really small program, but we kept winning so many competitions that we became the biggest team in Sacramento! It’s also where I first discovered my love for teaching.

In college, I earned my bachelor’s degree in theater and performing arts with a concentration in dance, as well as a second degree in respiratory therapy.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of dancing in L.A. and worked with numerous talent agencies. I’ve had the opportunity to tour with various Grammy award-winning artists, as well as work on the set of the Disney movie “Camp Rock” with choreographer Kishaya Dudley.

Kings Dancers

I was beyond excited when I made the team! The talent on this squad is amazing and our manager, Jenn, has taken it to the next level.

Being a Kings Dancer has challenged me to become a student again. Some might think learning the material would be easy considering my experience, but it’s actually been the hardest part so far. Although I’ve been performing and teaching, I haven’t sat back and learned in probably 10 years!

Our first few practices have definitely been intense. Each session is four hours long, during which time we have to learn two to three dances. We have to retain a lot of information and remember our positions for each routine, so I’ve brought along a notebook and taken pictures of various formations.

We’ve been so busy we haven’t had a chance to truly bond just yet, but I love how everyone has such a positive and enthusiastic attitude. We all come from different backgrounds, so I feel we have a really fun, motley crew of dancers. We’ll be a great team, and I’m really excited for the season to start.

Thank You!

I can’t thank all of you enough for voting for me as one of the SKD Finalists! When I found out I was the top vote-getter, the support was almost overwhelming.

I really wanted to make the team, so I did everything I could to spread the word during the voting period. I put up post after post on Facebook and Instagram encouraging fans to vote for me, connected with my students and asked a graphic designer I know to create flyers I displayed around town. I reached out to friends who helped me build my dance career and even asked people I ran into in grocery stores to vote for me.

I’m also fortunate to have a large following on my social channels, which stems from being active in the local community my entire life. My biggest jump in followers – over 9,000 – came about a year and half ago, when Ryan Seacrest promoted one of my videos on a reality YouTube contest. Even though it was a singing competition, my video was selected because it had over a million views. It was amazing to hear him say my name on the radio, and we actually ended up getting second place in the contest.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for checking out my first blog, and stay tuned for updates throughout my rookie season. To learn a little bit more about me and to see some cool photos and videos, visit my profile on Also, make sure to follow Kings Dancers on Twitter and Instagram: @Kings_Dancers.

Go Kings!

  • luke.

    glad to have you in board! looking forward to reading your blog posts this year!

    • Corina Bianca

      Thank you Luke! I cant wait to grow with this organization, its truly a blessing! Thank you for the support! Go Kings!!!

  • Kaylah Nikol Cooley

    Go Rina! Love you

    • Corina Bianca

      Love you too! <3 :)

  • Dante Nomyah

    I couldn’t be more proud of you and your journey to “queendom”! Through passion, an unyielding drive to grow and improve, love for dance, music and making any dance team stronger, on and off stage, i do not doubt that you will be a great addition to this year’s SKD squad. The SKD team that now includes you, so many great returning vets and rising talents are destined for greatness in 2013-2014.

    Personally, i couldn’t be more proud of you before this all became realized. Likewise, all of your teammates in the FitNest around the world are rallying behind you, the SKD and the entire Kings family as this year Sacramento will rise again like the phenix. See you at tonight’s game!!! <3

    • Corina Bianca

      You are the reason I made it this far! Thank you for inspiring me to believe in myself again and pushing me the extra mile when I felt I couldn’t even go the extra lap! LOL! I Love you! See you at the next game!

      • Dante Nomyah

        Awww you’re so welome! Thank you for trusting the process and simply believing that those things well beyond the immediate physical goals would come to fruition. The journey is NOT near complete so it isn’t break time. Time to hit it even harder!! Keep up the AMAZING work and great job at the final preseason and tonight at the opener!!!

  • Lexi Whaley

    Corina Bianca is the definition of fierce. She sets her goals and achieves them. She’s my role model and a part of my dance family forever. LOVE YOU!!!

    • Corina Bianca

      I love you so much Lexi! I AM PROUD of YOU! Continue to inspire the world as you continue your journey in college! I am ALWAYS here for you & we will always be family <3 <3 <3 Thank you!!

  • Morgan Yarber

    Great job Corina. I’m looking forward to reading all your blogs.

    • Corina Bianca

      Lol! Thanks Mom! <3 <3 <3

  • Patricia Morgan-Mejia

    Congrats Corina! You have a great heart and a passion for dance. Love you bunches!

    • Corina Bianca

      Thank you Pat! I love you MORE! Thank you so much for your continued love and support! <3

      • Patricia Morgan-Mejia

        Corina you have my support always! <3

  • Antoinette

    Great job Corina. Looking forward to seeing your performances.

    • Corina Bianca

      Thank you so much! I cant wait to go out there and represent with my SKD sisters!

  • Mary Ewing

    It is so wonderful to see such amazing TALENT Talented young ladies on the team. You achieved so much in the Dance Community and you have always been so active with the youth in the community, they all look up to you and it is so nice to see you continue on with your passion to dance. I am so glad the Kings saw all you had to offer. Keep up the hard work.

    • Corina Bianca

      Thank you so much!! <3

  • Ashley Howard

    So happy for you, glad you got the chance to do something for you! Something you can add to your long list of accomplishments! Cant wait to come see you perform! :-)

  • Joey Garcia

    I always make it my goal every season to get my picture taken with every SKD. Hopefully I’ll run into you at a game to get one with you.

  • angel

    i like her, she good, shes the best, actually i would some of yo contacts

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